Liz Wanderman, Staff Writer

i’m struggling to write something powerful,
i’m really not sure how,
i want to make a difference,
but i cant, i need help now,
with all this negativity,
it’s hard to figure things out,
people all around,
they just scream,
they yell,
they shout.
but with no care for how others are
people just walk away,
i’m trying to make a difference
not tomorrow but today,
people around the world seem to live such carefree lives,
but with all the hurt going on,
not sure how everyone survives.
i can make a difference,
not tomorrow but tonight,
i have proven myself wrong,
i was in fact not right,
because with every word that’s written,
and with everybody’s strife
words do make a difference,
they can impact someone’s life.