Types of Love

Types of Love

Meghan Reilly, Staff Writer

Throughout your lifetime, you’ll usually fall in love with three different types of people, each one for a specific reason.

Your first love:
This one usually happens at a young age, and you eventually grow apart or stop having feelings for them over silly things. You two probably know each other by association. S/he was your siblings best friend or the person who you’d always run into on your way to church. When you get older, you might look back and not call it love because you thought you were too young or whatnot, but it was. It was for what you believed it to be at that point in your life.

The painful one:
This is the hard one. It’ll hurt like hell and teach you that love isn’t always pretty and won’t always make you happy. This kind of love will open your eyes to betrayal, dishonesty, cheating, pain, and heartbreak.
But this kind of love is the one that teaches us about the risks of investing your whole self in someone else. It’ll show you what you love about love, and it’ll show you what you hate about it. It’ll teach you exactly what you want and exactly what you don’t want.
This kind of love will help your younger, more naive self pick out the bad people from the good and it’ll make stop trusting so blindly. It’ll teach you to be careful and reserved.

The best one:
This one you’re not going to expect. It’ll come out of nowhere and creep up on you like a pop out moment in a horror film. This is the type of love that finds you without your searching for it.
This is the kind of love that elderly couples and newlyweds have. It’s the kind that makes your heart warm.
And you can try to stop your beating heart from it, but any wall that you put up will be broken down. You’ll find yourself caring about this person, despite all their flaws. And they’re not like your other types, but you still can’t help getting lost in their eyes and in every conversation you have with them.

The different types of people you’ll love will teach you how to love, to be careful and take care of your heart, and that sometimes it’s unexpected. These people will teach you what you love about it and what you hate about it, and that, even though it burns sometimes, you’ll still find yourself compelled to it.