Chapter 1 – Girl, Unknown


Stephen Fasciani, Staff Writer

“Rain, fire, smoke, the taste of blood, exhaustion… it’s all I remember…” Violet explained. “Anything else?” Ronan asked. Violet replied, “I literally said that is all I remember (-_-). Well… except for basic life functions.” “Geez! Just trying to make sure…” he replied. Ronan kept asking questions for about 45 minutes, but Violet wasn’t really listening, she was more interested in a conversation 2 men were having about a book for sale. “They say it’s got a moving picture inside it!” The first man exclaimed. The second man, who was much larger than the first, replied “Well that’s just a bunch of bull! Anyways, where’s the auction again?” The first man answered “You dummy! I told you, it’s behind that door in the woods, but don’t forget the talisman of protection, or you’ll get attacked by the-” “Hey! Are you even listening?!” Violet got up. “Honestly, no I’m not. I overheard a conversation between 2 guys about a book that’s being auctioned off in the woods so I’m going to check it out.” “Wait! You cant just go into the woods without any form of self-defense! I’m coming with you!” Ronan replied. “Fine with me, but don’t act like my knight in shining armor.” Violet said as if she was offended by him saying she couldn’t defend herself.

“Where even are we?” Ronan asked. “Near the door…? I honestly don’t know. All I heard was ‘door in the woods’ and ‘watch out for the-’ and then you cut them off when you said ‘hey, are you even listening?!’” Violet said resentfully. Then, suddenly, Ronan was swept away by an unknown force that looked like a 3D shadow. Violet turned around when she heard the rustle “Ronan? RONAN?! WHERE ARE YOU?!” Suddenly she heard monstrous screaming. Violet ran to the source of the noise and found Ronan, covered in black blood, standing over a figure covered in shadows. “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT” Violet screamed. “A creature of darkness” Ronan replied, “Something conjured to attack anyone without a talisman.” Suddenly they seemed to find their way to the door much more easily with the creature dead, and then they opened the door…

Behind the door, was a magical place where people of all species were selling wonderous, exotic, insane things. Violet was completely mesmerized by the sights and wonders of this market, meanwhile Ronan was quite annoyed with Violet’s behavior. Violet noticed an auction house with a sign that had a book on it labeled as a special item, so she grabbed Ronan and dragged him into the auction house. The place was filled with potential buyers. Violet and Ronan got a sign with a number on it and sat with the audience. After about 30 minutes of sitting there watching the auctioneer do their thing, the book on the sign outside was rolled up to the stage. “Oh my god, Ronan wake up!” Violet whispered. “What…” Ronan whispered back. “That’s the book!” “Wait what?! That’s the book you were talking about?! How do we get it, though?” “Um…” just then violet had an idea to cut the lights and steal the book. She grabbed Ronan’s crossbow and shot down the chandelier. “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!” Ronan screamed at Violet. “Getting the book.” Violet replied as if she was doing nothing wrong. In all the panic, Violet was able to steal the book, grab Ronan, and make their escape.

Once Violet and Ronan had escaped the underground marketplace (and started running away in order to escape), Ronan started yell-questioning her. “WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?! WHY DID YOU SHOOT DOWN THE OVERHEAD LIGHTING?! WHY DID YOU NEED A BOOK THAT BAD?!” “1: I need that book, 2: to cut the lights for the cover of darkness, and 3: I’m not really sure…” Violet replied. Then, suddenly, the book started shaking and flew out of Violet’s grip. The book then opened to a page with a stick figure on it. Ronan went back to yelling and violet just stood there, but when she looked at the stick figure, it was moving. “What the hell?” she said questioningly. She picked up the book and the figure stopped moving. “AND IF IM-” Violet interrupted Ronan. “Shhhhhhhhhhut up, I could swear this thing is moving” Violet remembered the conversation that the 2 men were having. ‘its got a moving picture inside it!’ Violet then had an idea. “Ronan, scream at the book.” “WHAT!?” he replied. “IM NOT SCREAMING AT A BOOK!” Violet held up the book. After about 10 minutes of Ronan screaming at the book, the figure started to cry.

Ronan stopped yelling after he heard crying. He thought it was violet at first, but when he saw the book, he realized that the figure was crying. “Hey, hey, it’s okay…” Ronan said as he tried his best to comfort the moving drawing. “What’s your name?” Ronan asked. “C-Calcifur…” the drawing answered. “Why w-were *sniff* you yelling at me?” “Oh, I didn’t mean to I was yelling at her” Ronan pointed at Violet. “What did I do wrong?!” “Let`s see, 1: theft, 2: since it was a candlelit chandelier, arson, and 3: breaking and entering” Ronan listed. “Technically, it was just entering without an invitation.” Violet replied. “Please stop fighting…” Calcifur said shakily, “You’re acting like my parents…” “I’m sorry.” Ronan told Calcifur, “I can relate, my parents fought all the time before they got a divorce…” Violet then asked, “Can you tell us about the book you are in?” “Oh, it’s a guide to the entire Kingdom of Victoria!” Calcifur replied. “What’s the Kingdom of Victoria?” Violet asked. “Seriously? You don’t even know the Kingdom you’re in?” Ronan replied. “Oh… well I’m stupid!” Violet exclaimed. “Anyways let’s head back to the Village. Oh! And don’t forget Calcifur!” And so they would head back to the village, only to find it in ruin…