BHS Presents

Emily Reilly, Senior Editor

BHS Presents is a student talent show here at BHS. It consists of students singing, dancing or playing instruments. The seniors also do funny skits in between the acts and play videos made by the seniors. The show is run by the Senior High Student Coucnil, supported by their advisors, Mrs.Carey and Mrs.Fama, who do an excellent job keeping everything running well and in order. We rehearsed every night the week prior to the actual show, as well as for several weeks prior. The Emcees for the show were Brendan McGaley, Emma Rende, Nick Ruotolo, C.J. Martino, Rachel Gregory and Kristen Altieri. They did a great job introducing all the acts and making sure the audience was having a good time. The show ran very smoothly both nights and all the acts were great each night. We had a good turn out both nights, which was awesome because everyone worked hard putting the show together. There was a ton of laughter coming from the audience and everyone had a great time. The show was definitely a success.

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