Poetry Comes to Life at Poem in Your Pocket Day


Students celebrate Poem in Your Pocket Day.

Paige Bzdyk, Staff Writer

April 28th is National

Poem in Your Pocket Day.

It’s a day to celebrate and appreciate poetry

that has already been written

and to write new poetry too.

It’s a day to share your favorite poems

with friends and family,

and to learn about new poems too.

Sponsored by the National English Honor Society, BHS observed Poem in Your Pocket Day by having an all-day celebration in the school library. Each English class came down to the library during their period, and all students were encouraged to stop by during lunch or a free period. Students shared and performed their favorite poems in front of their classmates and teachers. Some students even wrote an original poem to share with their class. All day, students enjoyed listening to their classmates read their poems. It was a great success, and we plan to have the same celebration next year as well!