Safe Halloween


Safe Halloween of 2017 

By: Julianna and Charlyse LaMantia 

 On October 30th, 2017 the annual Safe Halloween was held in the Babylon Junior-Senior High School. It was a fun event for the kids who attended and for the clubs that participated. The clubs that participated were National Honor Society, Leo Club, Language Club, Junior High Student Council, National English Honor Society, DECA, Drama Club, Freshman Class Cabinet, Babylon Buddies, Art Club, Student Council and National Junior Honors Society. Most of them decorated doors and dressed up as characters from Disney cartoons and other famous shows. One of the Drama Club participants dressed up as Boo from Monsters Inc and many of the kids dressed up like the characters from the Disney movie Descendants. But by far, the best costume was Mr. Murphy’s son dressed up like a fidget spinner. The clubs also handed out candy. The whole point of Safe Halloween is for the kids to be able to run around, have fun and get candy, while still being safe. The kids could have listened to scary stories in the library by the National English Honor Society and the Leo Club let them play with Play-doh and paint pumpkins in the cafeteria. Also, the Student Council wrapped the kids as mummies. While the kids were walking through the halls, all of them had smiles on their faces.