Ali Benjamin’s The Thing About Jellyfish 


Christen Vota , Contributing Author

The Thing About Jellyfish 

Ali Benjamin 


334 Pages 

Exactly one month ago, Suzy received life changing news and began “not-talking.” She has uncovered an unforgiving and grief filled world when she ran out of time to fix the worst thing she has ever done to anyone. Her former best friend’s life has come to an unexpected end and Suzy found herself unable to understand or accept how she passed away and will do anything to prove what she believes really happened to her friend. I thought it was very easy to understand yet had some very interesting ideas and use of symbolism. This book is an enjoyable, easy, and intriguing read for any adult, teen, or child (older than 10). 

I felt this book was very enjoyable while interesting because the words used in the text itself are not difficult, but the themes and symbolism need some analyzing. This story is really about being able to say goodbye to those you love and not regretting how you left them the last time you saw them. It also emphasizes that one should hold on to the memories you made with that person and cherish them. 

I would definitely suggest reading this book. If you enjoyed Sand Dollar Summer I would definitely read The Thing About Jellyfish.