Suzanne Collins’s The Hunger Games

Suzanne Collinss The Hunger Games

Samantha Cannetti , Contributing Author

The Hunger Games 

Suzanne Collins 

Science Fiction 


A girl living a life where she doesn’t know whether or not she is eating her last meal is extremely difficult. Fighting for your life against all odds is even more frightening. In the country Panem, each district picks two tributes to participate in The Hunger Games every year. This is a game where all of the tributes need to kill each other off, to have one survivor left to be claimed as the victor for the year. The most sickening part of it all is these tributes are just teenagers. Now, it is Katniss’s turn to fight in these games and decide whether or not her fellow tributes are trustworthy. This book isn’t for young children due to its harsh survival and trust themes. I recommend this book for ages middle school and up. I would also recommend this to people who enjoy both suspense and adventure. 

I feel the way I do because this book has the killing of other people for survival and it isn’t suitable for young children. This book really though, is about how to be brave and strong when times are rough, and to take a chance when there is little hope. Katniss is a tough character that will strive for what she wants no matter how many obstacles come her way. I would definitely recommend this book because it will leave you hanging off the edge of your seat and constantly wanting more.  

In conclusion, you should read this book. If you enjoyed reading the Divergent series, you will definitely enjoy The Hunger Games and the rest of the books in its trilogy. The other books are Catching Fire and Mockingjay.