Poem In Your Pocket Day

Meghan Reilly, Staff Writer

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On Friday, April 27th, Babylon Junior Senior High School celebrated Poem In Your Pocket Day, which is an annual holiday that celebrates poetry.

This celebration occurred in the library during English periods, and it was beautifully put together and decorated by National English Honor Society. The library was covered in all things that sponsor and encourage poetry, including banners, printed out poems, and posters of various kinds.

Throughout the day, students would go up to the podium and recite poems that they either found or wrote themselves. Some of the poems were sad, some were funny, and some were happy. And if you didn’t read a poem in front of your peers, you could sit back and listen to poems being read by your classmates.

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Overall, Poem In Your Pocket Day was a huge success and was enjoyed by everyone who attended!

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