Feelings I Love

Feelings I Love

Kate Hannon, Staff Writer

Those mornings 

Where you wake up 

With nothing to do 

And you feel full 

Full of happiness 

Full of content and love and joy. 


The soft feel of  

Blankets clutched tight in your hands 

And an island of pillows surrounding you. 


A swirl of vanilla and apple pie 

Swirling through the air  

The scent guiding you to the kitchen. 

The sound of those songs you know all the words to 

But forget the name of. 

And you’re humming along  

Just because. 


The breeze you feel 

When you’re on the swing set you grew out of years ago 

And you close your eyes 

And your stomach flips  

In the best possible way. 


The sun falling on you in waves 

As you read your new favorite book for the first time 

Only stopping to glance at the clock  

When you flip the cover closed 

Seven hours later. 

But it’s okay 

Because it’s not like there’s anything you need to do  

If you don’t want to. 


Rain that comes  

Suddenly and without warning 

Not in drops but in buckets. 

And while it’s raining cats and dogs outside 

You’re drinking cocoa inside with the people you love 

Re-watching your movie for the millionth time. 


Two a.m. chats with your best friends 

Talking about anything and everything for hours on end 

Trusting each other 

And listening to each other 

And caring about each other 

And existing together in this pocket of time 

Undisturbed by the reality they will greet in the morning. 


Good news you weren’t expecting. 

Laughter-induced stomach aches. 

Your dog looking even more adorable than usual after a haircut. 

The salty air smell of the beach. 

All these things  

And so many more 

Make me so ridiculously happy 

Whenever I pay attention to them. 

It’s easy  


To ignore these things 

When the bad things happen 

Because they seem so much bigger. 

But they’re not. 

And we should all do our best to remember that.