A Bowl Of Cereal

Elizabeth Wanderman, Staff Writer

It’s funny how the things you count on most in life can be taken away the fastest. Something simple like eating bowl of cereal in the morning can be taken away by losing the milk. Sure, some aspects remain, like the cereal itself, the bowl and the spoon but without every element, it becomes completely different. It’s just dry cereal. Something that used to brighten a morning is left behind because it’s just not the same without the milk. Although, once you stop eating the cereal, you find various options that can fill your morning and make it just as bright as than that cereal once did. You could experiment with different styles of eggs, maybe throw some bread in a toaster and wallah, a whole new morning routine! Yeah, the new breakfast tastes just as good, maybe even better, but you’ll never forget the joy of having that tasty bowl of cereal. You could move on, try new things, but when you buy that new carton of milk, the first thing you’re going to do the next morning is be going into the kitchen and making that fresh bowl of cereal.