Meghan Reilly, Staff Writer

I get so sick of the stereotypical version of self care that you always see on Instagram or Tumblr or Twitter that tells you to go pet a fuzzy animal, wrap yourself in all your softest blankets, play relaxing music, tap a nap, and watch your favorite movies from childhood.

Realistic self care is to take a shower because it’s been three days. Make yourself a real meal that isn’t salted crackers or Ramen, and actually eat it. Tell your friends that you’re okay because they’re probably worried sick. Do the dishes because it’s been days and it stinks the second you open the door because rotting food stinks. Clean your room because you’ve already cried today about not being able to find your favorite sweater that you swear is somewhere in the clothes pile living on your floor. Brush your hair because it’s been sitting in the same messy bun since last Tuesday. Take care of yourself. Be responsible, because the most important type of self care is responsibility, and that’s something that a Twitter thread won’t tell you.

“Cute” self care isn’t reality. And if you’re sad, I’m not going to tell you to have a good day, I’m simply doing to tell you to have a day. Survive until tomorrow. Take care of yourself. Because “cute” mental issues aren’t real.