The Chili is Pretty Hot at the SOUPER Bowl of Caring


Anthony DeLapi, Staff Writer

On January 26th, 2019, there was probably the greatest cultural event at our school, Babylon Junior Senior High School. It was a time of fun, excitement, Super Smash Bros/ Madden Tournaments, Cakes, SOUPER Soups, and a lot of hot Chili.  This year, the Super Bowl of Caring was once again a smashing hit. 

Three years ago, Mr. Cirone introduced this great community activity to our school, and it has been a hit ever since. It brings all of the School’s Clubs together, family, and more in a competition to decide who will be the victor in the cooking of Chili, Soups, and Cakes. A good portion of money is used to send Babylon Students on a Habitat Building Association, in which students are given money in order to help build homes for others, and the extra food will be taken to a nearby Soup Kitchen. The event overall is a great experience, bringing together all different types of people, with different interests, who all have some skill in cooking, willing to give to others, and overall help the entire community in this charitable event.  It is a great Community Service event for many students from many clubs, and many people look forward to it ever year.  

This year’s Super Bowl of Caring made roughly three-thousand dollars, and the Winners were as follows:

  • Chili – The Leo Club
  • Cake – Riley McKeown’s Unicorn Cake
  • Soup – Ella Higgins  

Congratulations to these winners, and great job everyone at this fantastic event!