Argyle Theatre: Spring Awakening Review


Anthony DeLapi, Staff Writer

The Argyle Theatre once again brings a powerful show to Babylon. A show that talks about the real-life questions, that some people today may ask, about sexuality and the constant changes that come with it. For the 4th Show of the 2018-2019 Season, Argyle Theatre gives us the Tony Award-Wining Musical, Spring Awakening. While the show has its funny moments in relation to inappropriate jokes, it also talks about the actual feelings and struggles some teenagers may face in the world in relation to their changing bodies, and pathway to adulthood.  

The story takes place in 19th-Century Germany, where a couple of students are experiencing feelings of uneasiness and lustiness. These can include Wendla (played by Corrie Farbstein), who is curious about this, Mortiz (played by David Thomas Cronin), who is afraid by this, and Melchior (played by Alex Joseph Grayson), who is discovering these feelings as well. They all struggle learning about these feelings and trying to co-exist with them, while their School and Parents strictly prohibit these types of hormonal feelings. They learn new things about themselves, and it would be there actions that will lead to major consequences in the future. 

Once again, the sets are amazing for the show. The use of the walls as the chalkboards and other rooms give it an individuality about it, that makes it stand out. The lighting for the show helps show the types of feeling the main characters are going through, and the music is again magnificent. All of the actors do a great job with their roles, especially Cronin’s Mortiz, and Grayson’s Melchior. 

A crucial plot point about this show is that it takes place in 19th Century Germany, when people weren’t really able to express these types of feelings, without looking evil and disgusting. It is because of the adults treat and react to this type of behavior is why the main characters struggle more, and it leads to many more problems because of it. This Musical shows us how important it is for teenagers to talk to their adults (especially about puberty), because of the negative consequences it could bring, but it shouldn’t be shunned or shamed, it should be balanced in a reasonable way.  

I would highly recommend seeing Spring Awakening this month, before the show ends. It is from January 17th to February 24th, and the tickets are about $49.00. If you have any questions, you can always go to the Argyle Theatre Website: