Life and Death:

A Found Poem from Elie Wiesel’s Night

Life and Death:

Charlyse LaMantis, Contributing Writer



Dreamed of a better world, no longer meager. 

Change had risen before dawn. 

Everyday arrived, running.  

Silence stay behind, a soft voice not forgotten. 

Fate staying behind did not mean much, had no tragic significance.  

The crucible of death, the center of hell, running toward me.  

Frightened, out of breath, written down in anguish.  

Tried to reassure me, 

There’s still a chance of escape, to do another today, 

A decisive selection.  

Silent felt time was short. 

Confused, voice choked, 

He knew he would have to stay behind alone,  

So very alone.  

This knife might be useful. 

I’m giving you tired eyes veiled with despair.  

Take them. 

Time yelled out toward us, forgotten.  

Tormented with hunger, moving last 

Resistance decided to act 

Rose up everywhere, bursts firing, 

resistance taken charge. 

Free of revenge, no longer hungry,  

no thought of revenge.  

Between life and death, 

strength, from the depths of a corpse,  

has left me.