Wanderman Poems


Elizabeth Wanderman, Staff Writer

“The Bridge”

The fog that hovers above

makes this bridge look scary,

but for all we know

the bridge could lead to

a brighter



“Winter Walk”

I’m walking to school

as icy wind hits my face

and my nose goes red.


“The Beach”

Salty ocean winds

crashing coldly on my face

hit me like a brick.


I’m curled up in bed

under all of my blankets.

Netflix shines brightly.


“A Yellow Starburst”

Sometimes in life,

you are a yellow starburst.

Some will dislike you,

you’ll be others last choice.

Though with every yellow starburst

comes a burst of bright light.

And when its unwrapped

its true colors are shown,

a flavorful inside

not for everyone though.


“No Sleep”

Curled up in the corner

no one else is home

I hear a sudden noise

lightning strikes while I’m alone

 I don’t want to look outside

The wind rustles with voices

Monsters flood in through the window

As shadows fill my room

The darkness brings a breach

And the floors begin to creak

I cower under my blankets

And I don’t want to move

Unable to fall asleep

Wondering when the night will end

And the sun will shine and speak



Sitting in the car.

Waiting at a light.

Thinking about the destination.

Dreaming about what it will bring.

The sun will shine like gold,

and stars will shine like diamonds.

The laughter will flow like rivers,

and at night we’ll crash like waves.

Though the journey might take days,

in the end it’s worth the wait.


“Arizona Iced Tea”

oh, Arizona iced tea

with your peachy flavor

sitting in my fridge

waiting for me to take a sip

I pour you in my cup

and you sweat upon the glass

your orange color sits alone

until I pick you up

then in my mouth you go

and down my throat you crawl

rehydrating my body

allowing me to continue on


“Red Eyed Monsters”

The red eyed monsters make mom mad.

They stop slowly then sit still.

Long lines linger ahead lighting the lanes.

As one winks then wanders west,

It makes another monster roar.

Causing colossal commotion.

So, I just take a nap.


“HP Computer”

HP computer

Given by the school,

Constantly frustrating me,

So, I’m unable to keep my cool.

Please stop breaking

At such an inconvenient time.

I’m unable to type my lab report

Whatever, it’s cool, I’m fine.

“I Miss You

I don’t think I’ve ever missed someone

as much as I miss you.

That disease that destroyed your life

Took my everything away too.

It was hard to watch progress

when there was nothing I could do

to stop that disgusting monster

from taking over you.

I love you so much

and I think about you every day.

So, until we meet again

I miss you Mrs. Elaine.


“Poison in the River”


don’t spray the weeds,

it’s getting in the water,

it’s killing the trees.

The fish that are swimming,

they can survive.

I want to dive in,

but the waters deceiving.

It seems so clean and pretty,

but what lies inside

is a boatload of poison

which isn’t so good for the eyes.

So please don’t spray the water weeds,

they can only grow so far.

It’s destroying the view

turning something once green and flourishing

to a graveyard that they can’t undo.

“Black Duck”

Black duck

Floating down the river

Seems so simple

But to my surprise

You stand out

Like a giraffe would in the sky

As your head

From the bushes cleared

A bright red beak

Surprisingly appeared

“Music to My Ears”

Music is my medicine

when I’m having a bad day.

I put on my headphones

and it helps the sad fade away.