Tide of Feelings

Tide of Feelings

Anthony DeLapi, Staff Writer

Nameless and Formless you’ll find,

A golden ocean in your mind.

Filled with all types of fishes,

Each with specific wishes.

Some burning with red hot madness,

Others crying in cold blue sadness.

Aligned with Colored Ships,

Each with Special Specific Tips. 

Some slow and vast,

And others quick and fast. 

But the most important part would be,

The powerful waves that move the sea.

There are some days when the waves are at low tide,

Peaceful, Quiet, and a good time for a Calm Ride.

There are days when the waves are high,

Crashing, Thrashing, and Throwing the shaken water nearly to the sky. 

These are the waves that causes the fear,

These are the waves that cause the tears.

For when these mortal mountains rise in the rain,

They seem to bring nothing but gloominess, despair, and pain.

But if you just look through those dark stormy clouds,

You’ll see something that takes time to be found.

Behind the wall of darkness in the sky,

There is something that will Never Lie. 

There is the Clear Blue Sky with the Bright Yellow Sun,

Holding together all the happiness and fun.

You want to get it,

All the time you want it,

But you can’t hold on to it.

For if we always feel the warmth of the sun,

We’ll never feel the cold winds that weigh like a ton,

We’ll never learn when the dangerous storms come is the time to run, 

And if we want it to never be done,

Then it isn’t really that fun.

By this beach in our mind, we must experience these tides,

All their crashes, slips, and slides.

For if we don’t experience these waves of feelings and transitions in life,

We’ll never know the true meanings and definitions of what are right.

We can’t control the waves in our mind, 

But we can learn how to ride the waves over time.

But these storms won’t be long, maybe even fast,

Sometimes weak but other times strong, but it won’t permanently last. 

But no matter what, the waves always change and thus,

The Clear Blue Sky and Bright Yellow Sun will be waiting for us.