The Lone Survivors: Zombie Apocalypse    

The Lone Survivors: Zombie Apocalypse    

Dilan Vergano, Staff Writer

They were just three kids, in Arizona, living their best life, when a storm hit and ruined everything. The pink haired girl named Jasmine, was the daughter of a hair stylist, that was hit really hard by the storm. She was the organized one. She knew where everything was, what everything was, and how to get everywhere. Then there was the guy in the snap back. They called him Bruce. He was a schoolboy who wanted to change the world. He was the brains of the operation. He always had a game plan. Bruce would even have a game plan for this storm. Then there was straight faced Max. He was the muscle and could bust down a brick wall like it was a pile of feathers. Max could get through anything.

Let us start from the beginning, the year was 2032, and it was a cool October evening. Three kids, total strangers to each other, walked in the street. Their names were Jasmine, Bruce, and Max. They knew nothing about each other, only that they went to the same school. Little did they know, that soon, they would need each other to survive.

Jasmine was a girl that worked at her mother’s hair salon every day, just to make enough money to get food on the table. She was a loner, outsider who had no friends. Well, not yet anyway. She was fine like that. No one bugged her, so she did not bug anyone either. It was just her and her mom. They were inseparable, nothing can tear them apart. So she thought.

Bruce was the rich kid who got everything. All the new gadgets, and prototypes that no one else could get, except him. He never thought he would use them, but he was wrong. He always was the teacher’s pet. He got everything he wanted (because of his parents,) and he was fine with it, but other people were not.

The cool kid, Max, was the bad boy, straight faced, ladies’ man. There were a bunch of different names for Max. The one name that stuck was “Cruel.” He picked on kids, and the girls liked him because of it. He thought he was on top of the world. Little did he know that he would not be for long. He had a rep to uphold and he would do anything to keep it. But the one thing he did to promote his rep got him in some deep trouble, and he was not the only one who got in trouble. He went to the principal’s office with Bruce and Jasmine because they started a food fight exactly at noon in the cafeteria. The principal was about to call their parents when they saw it for the first time, ZOMBIE.


Arizona, 2032, 5 P.M. 5 hours into the storm

“Help, Help,” shouted Jasmine, as she was stuck inside the salon. There were 120 MPH winds, with Inches upon inches of rain, flooding the streets. She was pinned against the wall, there was something blocking her path. BOOM! A loud sound from the back entrance occurred. It was just a black shadow, standing there. “I knew I should not have watched those zombie movies,” Jasmine thought to herself. The dark shadow got closer, closer, closer, and closer, it was right at her feet, it was, AHHHHHHHHHHHH…Max? “What are you doing here straight face, you scared the life out of me,” Jasmine said furiously. “I was just trying to help, loser,” Max exclaimed. ” Don’t call me a loser,” she yelled. “Ok, ok,” Max said. “I thought I got immunity because I saved you and Bruce from Mr. Zombie in the principal’s office, but I guess not.” The two stood there looking at each other angrily. After a while they walked outside, what was left of it, and they went their separate ways. Standing and balancing on bricks because the water was so high in the roads.


Arizona, 9 P.M. 2032, 9 hours into the storm,

There he was, the rich kid, sitting in his multi-million-dollar house, with the Romanian walls, playing with the PlayStation 8 prototype, listening to the whistle of the wind. Suddenly, the power goes out. “Good, it was a worldwide power outage,” Bruce exclaimed. He was always the kid to make sure he was not the only one with a flaw. He looked around his house, seeing if he had a backup generator, even though he knew he had one. He was always an aragent kid, but something was wrong. He heard a weird noise coming from the basement were the generator was. Bruce was very hesitant to go down those steep stairs. Sometimes his sister would be watching tv, or his parents might be drinking wine down there. Bruce was weirded out because, his parents and sister were not even home. He opens the door, AND… AHHHHHHHHHHH, her eyes were black, her skin was peeled off, and her hands were reaching out at for Bruce. His mom was home. She became a ZOMBIE!! Bruce knew he had to fend her off, but he could not do it alone. HE…NEEDED…MAX!!!


Arizona, 2032, midnight, 12 hours into the storm,

Jasmine burst through her apartment door, “MOM, MOM!” she yelled. She could not find her anywhere. “she must have gotten to safety.” she thought to herself. But I know she really did not think that. She was turning her apartment inside out, looking for her mother. NOTHING! She was mad, but then sad. She fell to the floor, with her hands up to her face and her eyes flooded with tears. But she knew she had to do something, but could not do this alone, she knew…SHE…NEEDED…MAX!!!


Arizona, 2032, 7 A.M. the next morning

“Huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, “RUN FASTER!!!” Max shouted. As the three kids were running from hundreds, maybe thousands of ZOMBIES!” I need to stop my mom,” said Bruce. “I need to find my mom,” Jasmine exclaimed. “I don’t have a mom,” Max cried sadly. And there they were, three kids from Arizona, that have some mommy issues, and a lot of zombie issues. The world was supposed to save them, but now there trying to save the world. And all I can say to everyone else is…RUN!!!!!!!