Brooke Kenedy, Contributing Writer

“Grandma, Grandma tell us more pleaseeeee.”

“Alright, alright, as long as you promise not to tell your dad and aunt Sarah.’’ I sighed.

“We pinky promise.”

We interlocked pinkies and kissed our thumbs. Getting comfy in my chair in the great hall I began to tell my grandchildren the story of my life…….

Contemplating in my closet sized bedroom before my workday was nothing out of the ordinary, but something felt off. Inspecting my surroundings would be a waste of time, as I knew the problem lied within. Ignoring the fact, I got ready for my day as usual. Getting into my work attire was the first step. As I slipped out of my night gown and into my uniform it all became clear. I was pregnant, pregnant with twins.

“Wait a second” said the youngest, Louisa, “Were the twins you are talking about our dad and aunt Sarah?”

“Yes, my darling, hush now.” I continued.

I glared at the marking on my stomach. It read “2”. Millions of thoughts crowded my head, and I was forced to stop in my tracks. So many questions, but most of all, how; How am I am going to keep these babies.

You see, living in England in 1976, family’s wealth indicated the number of babies that you were allowed to have, and keep. My family was the one of the less fortunate families on the island, therefore, we were only allowed to keep one child. Parliament had full control over commoners like me and could listen in to any conversation they desired. If I were to tell Elijah about our children, parliament would know instantly and one of the babies would be taken from me. I was sickened by the thought.

A sudden scream came from the kitchen,

“Elizabeth! You’re going to be late to work!”

Everything was automatic now, I finished getting ready and started my journey to work. Over the hills and through the tiny allies of England I walked. I walked for forty minutes and finally reached the palace, where I was greeted by the prince, your grandfather, the father of these children, and the love of  my life. Seeing him made me want to burst in to tears but I knew that staying strong was my only option. I greeted him normally with a kiss.


“Oh, Liam shut up I think its romantic said Louisa”

“Shall I continue?

They knew hated being interrupted.” Oh yes please do!” they said eagerly.

“Very well then”

We went our separate ways and I tended to the king and queen as usual. Just when I thought the day could not get any worse, I was summoned by the queen. I became numb. I thought that she might know about the babies.  I walked to her bed side and waited for her to command me. But she did not. She just laid there. After 5 minutes of complete silence, she dismissed me.

As I slowly turned around to exit the room, I had fallen over somebody on the floor. “How peculiar” I thought as I stumbled back up from the ground. Then I realized. That somebody was Elijah, on his knee with a ring in hand. A wave of emotions consumed me; warm tears covered my face. “Elizabeth Arrington Roakayla, make me the happiest man alive and marry me” I was paralyzed I could not believe the events that had occurred in the last hour. I stood silent for a minute or two in a state of pure happiness and thought, this is how I will save the twins.

“So….” Said Elijah with a worried eye, “YES, YES, A MILLION TIMES YES!” I fell into his warm Embrace. The rest of the day was filled with joy and planning and I was relived of my duties for the day. Possibly forever, after all, I am marrying the prince!

We danced throughout the palace all night long. I had nearly forgot about what I had discovered this morning, but it still lingered in the back of my mind.

The next morning, I woke up next to Elijah, I thought that I might get used to this, after the wedding this would be a normalcy. The wedding. When will we have the wedding?


“Yes Louisa?”

“What happens if you don’t have the wedding before you have the twins?”

“Well Louisa, I would have to give one of the two up”

“Oh no” she said

I disregarded her and continued my story.

We walked together to the dining hall, where a beautiful breakfast awaited us, we ate until we could not anymore. Just as I was getting up, there was a knock on the door. The door was opened and a foreign faced walked towards the table. Elijah seemed to know who this was. I hinted at him in confusion. “Oh, I am so sorry, my dearest Elizabeth, this is Tatia, the royal wedding planner.”

My heart skipped a beat. This is really happening. Tatia took her seat at the other end of the table. She took out a briefcase, it was labeled The Royal Family I shot Elijah a nervous look, but he reassured me I had nothing to worry about. We ruffled through venues, menus, invitations and cakes for what felt like eternity. As we concluded the planning, we had one more thing to decide on. The date. I knew that if I wanted to keep the twins, we would have to have the wedding soon. “I would like to have the wedding rather sooner than later.” I quietly spoke, trying not to sound suspicious. Tatia glanced down at a calendar with a list of royal event fulling the pages.

“Well, your highness, there seems to be an opening December of next year!”

I sat there like a deer in headlights. It was now October; in 9 months it would be July; a December wedding would put us 4 months past my due date.

“Great its settled, a December wedding for me and my beloved!” Elijah said. He looked worried as well for what reason, I did not know

I swallowed the lump in my throat. I knew I would have to figure out something if I wanted to have these babies.

We wrapped up the planning for the December wedding at around 11:00pm and I started my journey home. I had been exhausted after spending the whole day on the planning. Over the hills and through the allies I traveled home. My journey was filled with thoughts. Thoughts of the beings inside of me. As I approached my doorstep, I heard faint whispers between a women and man. I was intrigued, and a little bit nosey. My ears lead me towards the noise. They were planning too. Planning for a getaway, a vacation, out of country. Admiring these whispers, a thought crossed my mind; what If I did not have the babies in the country, what if I had these babies where the laws of England did not prevail.

The moon shined orange above me lighting up the streets. I continued to listen and take in the words of these strangers. The whispers became quieter as the seconds wasted and I could hear nothing but the sound of a broken power line overhead. Seating myself on an old bench, I looked down at my stomach. I needed to act, rather quick.

Night turned to morning and I woke up on the same bench I had sat myself on the night before. How did I sleep here all night? Fuzzy brained, I walked into the house.

“Where have you been Elizabeth? You told us one night at the palace, not 2”

“I am sorry mom, Elijah allowed me to spend another night” I lied

I did not let her answer.

“Mom, Dad” I paused for effect

“I… well…. I…… Elijah proposed. And before you say anything, I said yes.”

Tears fells from their tired eyes. I had never seen my parents cry…ever.

“This calls for a celebration! Invite the village over tonight for a party” my mom screamed with excitement.

I made my way up to my bedroom. Staring up at my ceiling, I remembered my dream from last night. I replayed it in my head. Some parts were fuzzy, but the main idea was clear. I had gone away, to the united states on a secret vacation to have the children. My plan was quite simple. I would make this dream a reality. As soon as I could I relayed the message to the village that we were having a party tonight to celebrate my engagement, and that the prince, my soon to be husband, would be there. As the night approached, the crowd filled in. By 9:00pm you could barely move, people were everywhere. Elijah was praised and admired the whole night; it would take a while for me to get used to this. I stole Elijah away from the crowd for just a moment, and told him about my dream, leaving out the part about the babies, of course. He agreed that we should travel to the US. Everything was falling into place.

The grand celebration ended as the sun came up the next morning. Everybody made their way back home, everybody except Elijah. We had stayed up all night discussing our travel plans and he assured me he would let people in charge know. Everything was in place.

Fast forward about eight months; I think have hidden the pregnancy with ease. Life with the prince the past 8 months have been a dream. Today, June 3rd, Is the day we fly to the United states. I knew I was putting the babies at huge risk by flying, but taking the risk was the only way It would be possible to have the babies.

Elijah had flown in the jet countless times a year, and it was clear his nerves were nonexistent. However, I had never even left the confinements of my town. I boarded the plane trying to seem calm, but Elijah read right through my front. Reassuring me that I was safe we took off.

I had never experienced anything like this. I felt as if I were soaring through clouds of nothingness. As if I were gliding through air, as if gravity were fictional. Before I knew it, I felt a large thump beneath me, I brought myself close to the window and saw the snowy ground of The United States. We had landed, in the city that never sleeps, New York City. Taking in my surroundings, we exited the plane. As I stood up, I felt a disrupting kick in my stomach.


“What is wrong Elizabeth”

“Oh…um…my foot, it must have fallen asleep” I lied, again.

I did not like starting my life with the Elijah with lies, but it would all be over soon. The plane ride over I had though deeply about telling him about the babies, now that we had made it to the Americas, I mean after all, they are his children. I felt awful keeping this from him, but I could not tell him in England. Parliament would find out and one of the twins would be taken from us.

A car waited for us and took us to one Elijah’s family’s homes. It was on the Upper east side of town. The city was breathtaking, snowfall filled the rooftops. The buildings were as tall as the eye could see. It was perfect.

We settled our things and decided to stay in for the night. A beautiful dinner was carried out and after a long day of travel I was starving. We sat ourselves down on the table and began dinner. Things have been so enjoyable, and I did not want anything to change but I knew I had to tell Elijah about the babies now. I had prepared what I wanted to say on the plane ride here, but when I went to speak, no words came out. I tried again but still; my mouth could not compose the sentence.

“Is there something you would like to say Elizabeth?”

“Yes, actually, there is” I said, this time, with no hesitation.

“Let me stop you, my dearest, I think I might have an idea of what you would like to tell me”

My heart skipped a beat.

Elijah paused.

“You are pregnant.” He said with a smirk

“How.” Was the only word that managed to slip out.

“I have known since November, and before you ask me If I am upset with you, I must tell you, that I could never be mad at the women who has carried my babies in secret to protect them for 8 months.”

Tears flew down both of our faces. I could not speak.

“Now, let’s get you to the family doctor.”

Without saying a word, I stood up and followed him into the town, we walked for about three blocks to a brick building. Within seconds of entering the office we were taken back to a room. I had never been to a doctor’s office before, but today had been full of new experiences. Doctor Rob had done what they called “a full workup” on both me and the babies. He told us that the plane ride had not damaged the babies too much. We were so relieved.

We walked out of the office feeling nothing but utter joy. My plan had worked. Elijah was happy, I was happy, and the babies were healthy. What more could I ask for?

As we approached the residence in which we had been staying at, I felt a pain like I had never felt before. Elijah quickly called a cab back to the doctor’s office. I knew was about to have these babies. We hurried in and Doctor Rob took us right away. He examined me once more. “Well, your highness, it looks like you are about to have these babies” he said, as if I did not already know that.

The process was the most beautiful, yet painful experience of my life, but I was glad I had been able to go through it, in New York, alongside the love of my life.

“Can you skip over all that gross stuff” said Liam, Louisa nodded in agreement

“I guess so” I chuckled.

I made myself comfortable once again and took a deep breath. Before I could finish exhaling there was a knock at the door. I slowly made my way to see who was there. My son stood on the porch. Reluctantly, I let him in.

“So, did you guys have fun with Grandma while I was gone?” he said

Liam and Louisa glanced at each other, then back at me. I winked.

With hesitation they walked to the door to meet their dad. Before they could leave, I whispered in their ears.

“I promise, we will finish the story next time.”’

The end…