Sunset, Sunrise

Sunset, Sunrise

Alana Lewis, Staff Writer

Sunset, Sunrise

Is that all life is?

A list of songs that ends in a reprise,

A long night that leads to a sunrise,

A coming that leads to a going,

A hunger for knowledge that leads to knowing.

And to have it commence again:

You know, and yet

You must know more.

A sunrise and a sunset

Still remains in store.


Since the sun only goes in circles in the sky,

You may wonder, “Why do I try?”

Saying indifferently, “If life is like the sun

And history repeats

I’ll catch the rerun

And take a backseat.”

This is not ideal:

Letting life drive by

Will stop you from placing your hands on the wheel.

Besides, who wants to see wars again fought

And people again distraught

Because change was not brought?

Because people were willing to let history’s circle repeat?

Because people were willing to take the backseat.


So, go get into “good trouble” – trouble that’s necessary.

Go stand up to your fears, although it’s scary.

And remember when people make you feel secondary

Or your battles leave you weary,

Life is full of circles to give us another chance, another way.

To give us the light of the next day

All sunny and glittered with dew,

Touched with the light of the rising sun, a day that’s brand new.