Ode to Memory

Ode to Memory

Anonymous, Contributing Writer

Ode to memory

For some they reach and grasp, but it slips right through their hands

Returning to grains on the beach full of sand

For others it won’t leave them alone, its their enemy

Memories will thrash and crash like the sea

And when he dies, I’ll be nothing but an itch you can’t scratch

Soon I’ll be a name with a face they can’t attach

Because 6 feet under you can’t remember anything

Because memories rust faster than a wedding ring


Ode to memory

They can swarm the brain, good and bad

But dementia is a Demaree

Memory is like a string a poetry its aubade

A life fully lived crazed

I wonder how long till I’m a forgotten face

Just another name gone with a whisper of a breeze

How long till me and my family are replaced

And steps long forgotten must be replaced

Memories murdered by this disease


Ode to Memory

It can speed past faster than fast

It overwhelms your sensory’s

I wish memory could Everlast

But it’s a tricky thing

A final breath and my face wont be pictured

Every visit they seem a little farther away

Dementias catching up but their still running

Memory is here and there, like a light that just flickered

Soon ill be a lost memory, I’m not ready for the day