Napoleon Dynamite – Movie Recommendation


Halle Santamaria, Staff Writer

Have you ever wanted to know how small towns in the Mid-West are or even wondering how a farm town kids act or go throughout everyday life? Well, 2004’s “Napoleon Dynamite” directed by Jarred Hess with only a budget of 400,000 dollars compared to the average budget for a film (65 million dollars) became one of the most nostalgic films for the coming of age/school movies as most may know or not. This film consists of friends, family, school issues, and just overall being an outsider in a small farming town in the middle of Idaho. As the many clubs and school organizations wrap up voting for class president in our school and the other positions, Napoleon played by Jon Heder and his newfound friend Pedro played by Efren Ramirez are in the same boat trying to deal with at home issues and being some of the least popular kids at their school trying to run for president making the catch phrase “Vote for Pedro.” When you watch this movie, you will find that its not overly fake like some other coming of age films are, its almost real like you are there with them or just a camera is following the main characters throughout their everyday life. You can watch this movie on many platforms such at Amazon prime video for free, YouTube for $3.99, Apple TV for $3.99, and many other places.