Time Bomb

Zhiye Liu, Contributing Writer

Chapter 1

Time burst

You’re Fired! These words raced through his head as he walked down the empty lifeless hallway, he just couldn’t believe what had just happened he pondered with a sigh. He continued moping down the empty hallway lugging his office belongings. This was the year 2050 where a 38-year-old scientist name Hibakusha who worked in the G.W.D agency was fired. “Sup Hibakusha” Hibakusha turned around and saw Chad, a 28-year-old Irish dude who worked in the electronic technology department. “Oh, hi Chad” Hibakusha said distressingly. “Why the long face?” Chad asked, “he fired me.” Hibakusha responded, still depressed. “Who, Mr. Ahriman” Chad asked “yep” Hibakusha responded in a broken voice. “Well, sorry about that, if you need help just ask me, other then that, have a good night” Chad said back as he turned away and walked back down the empty hallway. Hibakusha continued his path down the hall, lugging his heavy box, when his old certificate paper he got from graduating from the F.A.I glided off his cardboard box, and under a door. Hibakusha sighed as he put his box down and walked slowly to the door. He opened the door and looked down as the door slowly creaked open. He looked at the empty dark basement and started to walk down the stairs slowly and cautiously. He had an eerie feeling as a shiver ran down his spine. He reached the bottom and saw a light switch. He quickly flicked the light switch as he started to search for the certificate. The lights flickered, and then, he saw something. He walked over and saw a big machine of some sort. It was a little bit rusty and old; he walked inside and saw a button. He pressed it and suddenly, the machine turned on. He looked around the machine and saw a metal sign that said 303. He didn’t know what it meant but he didn’t care. He saw a glowing button and next to it he saw the digits 2060. With a curiosity growing bigger than his fear, he pressed the button. There was a big bright flash as everything fell quiet and still. He felt himself drifting, but he couldn’t open his eyes, it was quiet and still, and the only thing he could here was the beat of his heart.


Chapter 2


His eyes slowly opened as he regained his consciousness, he lifted himself up as he fully regained consciousness, he noticed that he was in the machine and stepped out. It was very dark and cold, he couldn’t see anything, he then remembered the little yellow flashlight he had in his pocket. He took it out and pressed the button hoping that it wasn’t out of battery, the light turned on and he was shocked and confused as he looked around the nasty broken room with cracked walls and dirty floors. He remembered that the room use to be much cleaner.

He quickly rushed up the dirty concrete stairs growing more confused and worried by the minute. He Shoved the door opened only to see more cracked walls and dirty floors, he was never this confused in his life, he ran down the same lifeless hallway he had before, but now jumping over fallen vending machines and tables and avoiding hanging wires. he kept running through the long hallway with his flashlight in his righthand. He burst through the exit doors and what he saw next stunned him more than anything in his life.


Chapter 3


He looked at the G.W.D base, but only saw more broken walls, and roofs with holes and cracks. He looked in shock and horror as he ran past the abandoned tanks and trucks and past the security gate. He ran across the fractured road and climbed up onto a hill. He looked around, seeing many dead trees and lifeless plants, but what shocked him the most was Tokyo city in the distance. He could see that nobody has lived there for years. The buildings where old and unstable, many of the buildings have fallen.

He started to panic, he could feel himself tearing up, as he falls on his knees. A tear rolled down his cheek, then another, and soon enough, he started weeping as he banged his fist onto the dry hard grass. (pause) crack! Hibakusha turned around and saw a rusty old robot pointing a gun at him. Hibakusha jumped back in fear as the robot shot his gun with a loud bang, but Hibakusha tripped and fell just as the bullet streaked past his ear. He hurled down the small bumpy hill and banged his head against a rock. Everything went blurry as his ear rang louder and louder, he began to lose consciousness as his eyes struggle to say open. his eyes finally gave up as he heard two figures approaching, after that, everything fell quiet and still.


Chapter 4


he opened his eyes leisurely, as he began to regain consciousness. He could feel a large swollen bump on his head. He was in a comfy bed with a white drawer next to him. The room had white walls and a light bulb hanging from the ceiling. He saw a brown wooden door with a sliver knob. He was confused and worried, “is this heaven” he asked in his head. He tried to remember what happened, he remembered a rusty robot with a gun, and he remembered hearing two figures approaching. He looked around the room, searching for something that will give him a clue of where he was. He then saw three metal letters nailed to the wall, G.W.D. “I’m back to where I was” Hibakusha thought to himself, suddenly, the door opened and in came a Russian woman who looked like she was in her 40s. “so, are you feeling better” she asked Hibakusha, “who are you” Hibakusha asked. “I’m Alisha, what’s your name” “I’m Hibakusha” Hibakusha answered, “why don’t you come and join us for dinner” Alisha asked as she walked out the door, Hibakusha quickly got up and raced out the door, “us?” Hibakusha questioned as he followed Alisha. They walked down a hall lit by candles and walked through some orange double doors. “Yep, us” she said back as they entered the lunchroom, there was three other survivors sitting around a blazing campfire.

“Everybody this is Hibakusha” Alisha announced, “why don’t we all introduce our selves, Alisha asked. “Hi, I am Haruki” said a 29-year-old Japanese guy, he had black hair and black glasses. “Hello, I am Takashi” Takashi was a tall man with black hair and was also Japanese, who looked like he was in his late 40s. Next was a big strong Russian man, who didn’t talk and looked fierce and scary, he also looked like he was 56. “This is Ruslan, you must excuse him, he doesn’t talk much” Alisha said to hibakusha. “So, do you want to join us for dinner” Alisha asked, “sure” hibakusha responded. They all sat down on some metal orange chairs as Alisha gave everybody a bowl of beef stew. “Thank you” everybody said, except Ruslan who just devoured the whole bowl of stew.

After they had all finished the meal, Hibakusha asked “what happened here and how did you find me?”. “Well,” Takashi responded, “me and Ruslan was out looking for resources until we heard a loud bang, we quickly rushed toward the sound and saw a G.D. bot, Ruslan quickly ran up to it before it could shoot us and smashed it to the ground with his bare fists, he then turned and looked down and saw you. We quickly dragged you to our bunker in the G.W.D agency” Takashi finished. “Ok, but what happened to earth, our home” Hibakusha asked back, “you haven’t heard, where have you been, under a rock” Haruki responded, “heard what?” Hibakusha said back. “The G.W.D agency had a scientist who help Ahriman, the C.E.O of the G.W.D agency. The scientist created a new powerful bomb, but when the scientist was about finish the bomb, he didn’t want to build it anymore, saying that it was too dangerous, so Ahriman fired him and finished the bomb with the help of his other scientists. he wanted to sell this bomb for lots of money, and one day, the Russian government wanted to buy this new bomb. He never even bothered to test it to see if it was good or not, since if he did, no one could rebuild it because he fired the original scientist. He got on to a helicopter and delivered the bomb, but when they arrived at Russia the bomb suddenly blew up and killed everyone in Russia.

the bomb was so powerful, it killed 99.9% of the human population. Lucky for us, we were safe in the bunkers of the G.W.D agency, and yes, we worked here. Ahriman also invented these battle bots called global defense bots, or G.D. bots for short, after the bomb blew up, it damaged most of the robots except for the ones in military bunkers and the ones in the G.W.D base. The bomb also sends out this energy blasts that went around the world and malfunctioned the bots codes, instead of defending people, they started killing anything that breathes or moves. And here we are now, living in this bunker for about 5 years now” Haruki finished.

“Why did you guys come to Japan” Hibakusha responded, “I came here with my brother Ruslan to seek a better life, Ruslan just wanted to check it out and decide whether or not to move here, Haruki is my friend who also wanted to find a job with me, and Takashi over there worked as a doctor in the G.W.D agency who picked us up and wanted us to join the G.W.D agency, he was also my friend” Alisha said. “what’s your story” Alisha asked. “I am a painter” Hibakusha lied, not wanting to say that he was the scientist that created the bomb. “cool” Alisha replied. “let’s get some shut eye, we have a lot of stuff to do tomorrow” Alisha said to everyone.

Everybody got up and walked back through the double doors, and down the dimly lit hall, everybody went into their rooms and shut their doors behind them as they all said goodnight. “Thank you for letting me stay here” Hibakusha said to Alisha, “you’re welcome” Alisha said back, now let’s go to bed. “Good night he said back to Alisha “good night” Alisha replied back. Hibakusha walked back to the same room as he shut the door behind him. He blew the candle out and laid in the soft bed looking up at the ceiling, what am I going to do now he thought as he slowly drifted to sleep.


Chapter 5

New Morning

Wake up! Alisha shouted at Hibakusha. Hibakusha slowly got up groaning and yawning. “Wake up princess” Alisha said, “we have work to do”. Hibakusha climbed out his bed still tired. “What are we doing today” Hibakusha asked Alisha “when the G.D. bots escaped this place, they went out on a killing spree, so we have to gather some materials and fix the walls and gates outside to protect us from these bots” “ok” Hibakusha replied. “Good morning Hibakusha” Takashi and Haruki greeted as they walked past Hibakusha and Alisha, “good morning” Hibakusha and Alisha greeted back, Ruland just walked past them and said nothing. That was rude Hibakusha said in his head as they all opened a heavy metal door and went up the stairs.

Whirrrrr the huge old metal door opened slowly and loudly after Ruslan put in the door code. “Here take this Glock” Takashi said to Hibakusha, “a gun!” “Yep, just in case a G.D. tries to kill you”. Hibakusha took the gun quietly and in fear. “Takashi and Haruki, go with Ruland to that old house on the west” Alisha directed. “ok” they both said as they followed Ruland. “Come with me” Alisha said to Hibakusha, Hibakusha quickly rushed to Alisha as they both walked eastward toward some dead trees. Once they got there Alisha tossed Hibakusha a hatchet. “Get cutting” she demanded, Hibakusha quickly grabbed the hatchet and started chopping the dead hard tree, chop, chop, chop, the small tree started to crack, the tree then fell with a loud thump. “Now chop down that tree over there while I chop this fallen tree up” she said as she pointed to another dead tree on a hill. Hibakusha rushed up onto the dry hill as he began chopping away again. He chopped and chopped all day as the sun started to set.

Thump, he dropped the last piece of wood into the bag as he wiped the sweat off his face. “One more tree left” Alisha said as she pointed to another dead tree and continue chopping up the pieces. He walked up to the tree slowly as he lifted his hatchet and got ready to chop, a bullet went past his face. He looked across and show five robots standing in the distance holding out a gun. He hid behind the tree and started panicking. The robots kept on shooting the tree, as the tree started to crack and creak, Hibakusha started to get more worried. He then closed his eyes accepting his fate until he heard some footsteps running towards him, he opened his eyes and looked up, he saw Alisha sprinting towards him, dodging bullets, and jumping over rocks, she did a backflip as a bullet went under her head, she landed and threw her hatchet snipping a robot in the head and killing it. Alisha grabbed Hibakusha hand and pulled him up, “run!” she shouted as she continues to pull him away from the robots. They ran down the hill as they kept on dodging bullets. They slid behind a rusty broken car as the four rusty bots came closer and closer. Hibakusha could hear the rattling metals of the bot getting louder and louder, “what do we do now Alisha” Hibakusha said panicking.

Alisha pulled out her Glock and shot a bot in the leg causing it to fall and break its head, she got up and shot another bullet, but this bullet was stopped by one of the bots though chest plate. She ducked just as a bullet flew past her, the bots kept shooting and shooting. “Give me your gun now” she demanded, Hibakusha quickly gave her his gun. She then jumped sideways, away from the car and blasted the two bots in the head. The two bots fell as she put the guns in her pockets.

“Good job” Hibakusha commented, “thanks” Alisha replied. Suddenly a bot jumped out from behind the hill and grabbed her by the neck. The bot was getting ready to shoot her, the robot looked up and saw a hatchet speeding towards him. The hatchet strikes right into his skull, the bot let go of Alisha and then tumbled down the hill and crashed into a rock. “Thanks, Hibakusha” Alisha said as she tried to regain her breath, “you were awesome” Hibakusha commented, “thanks” she replied. “We better get home before it gets dark” Alisha suggested, “your right” Hibakusha said as he looked at the setting sun. they quickly rushed home carrying the heavy big bag of wood. As they continued home, Hibakusha turned around and looked at the setting sun one more thing admiring its beauty and light.


Chapter 6


Whirrrrrr, the heavy metal door slowly opened as we walked into the G.W.D agency base. “Did you get any nice materials” Alisha asked Takashi, “we got some wires, glass, a tin can, some kitchen supplies, craft supplies, and an old T.V. box.” Takashi responded, “we also killed a bot” Haruki added. “Nice, now let’s eat some dinner, I’ll cook” Alisha announced to everybody. They all walked down the long stair way which was dimly lit. they then opened the heavy steel door and went through the double orange doors to the lunchroom where they all sat down and waited for Alisha to cook dinner.

“So, how did you get here Hibakusha” Takashi asked, “oh my gosh, I forgot all about it!” Hibakusha shouted “forgot what?” Takashi asked back “okay, this is going to sound crazy, but I am actually from the past, I found a time machine in the G.W.D. agency and I went inside” Hibakusha responded, “but aren’t you a painter, why were at the G.W.D. agency?” Haruki Asked. Hibakusha paused for a moment and responded with “Mr. Ahriman hired me to paint him so he could hang a painting in his office” “okay” Haruki responded with suspicion, “that means we can go back in time and warn Mr. Ahriman” Haruki said to everyone, at that, Ruslan looked up. “But we first must powerup the device” Hibakusha said back, “and that’s exactly what we are going to do tomorrow” Haruki said, “but don’t tell Alisha” Hibakusha said to Haruki “why” Haruki said back “I will tell her myself” Hibakusha replied. “Here are your dinner boys, I hope you enjoy” Alisha said to everybody as she hands everyone a bowl of tomato soup. “thanks” everybody said back except Ruslan who just gulped all of it down and walked into his room. “What was that about” Hibakusha asked Alisha. “Well, when he left Russia and went to Japan, he also left his wife and his daughter Sasha, he promised them that he will be back, and that they might move to Japan. He loved Sasha who was only six, but when the bomb blew up, Ruslan realized that his beloved wife and daughter must have died. He became heartbroken and wouldn’t eat or sleep, and he has never spoken a word since” Alisha told Hibakusha, “oh” Hibakusha said quietly looking down at his half-finished tomato soup. After they had all finished their soup, they all got up and said goodnight as they all went into their rooms. Hibakusha closed the door and blew out the candle, he laid in his soft bed and fell asleep hoping for a good dream.


Chapter 7

Star Light

“Hey, wake up” Alisha whispered in Hibakusha ear, whaaaa, Hibakusha groaned “what time is it” “1:23” Alisha replied softly “what!” Hibakusha shouted, “ssssshhhh” Alisha said as she covered Hibakusha mouth, “I want to show you something” she said as she walked out the door pulling Hibakusha along. “Where are we going?” Hibakusha asked climbing the large staircase with Alisha in front, “you’ll see when we get there” Alisha replied while still climbing the stairs.

She then opened a door and pulled Hibakusha into this dirty old room with boxes all over the place. After that they climbed up these ladders that Alisha pulled down from above, they went onto the roof of the building. “Come here” Alisha said to Hibakusha as she sat on the edge of the flat roof. Hibakusha went over and sat down with her, he looked down and saw that they were very high up, giving him a little bit of fear. Alisha noticed this, “don’t look down, look up” she said, lifting Hibakusha head, Hibakusha looked up and only saw dark gray clouds. “I only see gray clouds” Hibakusha said to Alisha, “wait” Alisha responded back, “what?” Hibakusha said confused, Alisha lifted Hibakusha head up with her hand and continued staring at the sky and so did Hibakusha.

After a few seconds, Hibakusha could see the dark clouds blowing away, slowly revealing a beautiful star sky. “Wow, that’s beautiful” Hibakusha commented looking at the beautiful shining stars, “I know right” Alisha replied. “But you shine brighter” Hibakusha said to Alisha “oh, thank you” Alisha said back blushing a little bit, “I also think that your name is beautiful” Hibakusha said “thank you” Alisha replied quietly looking at Hibakusha. They stared at each other and moved closer and closer, they put they heads together and let their lips touch. They continued kissing under the starlight and for once, Hibakusha fell in love.


Chapter 8


“Can I tell you a secret” Hibakusha asked Alisha right as they got up and started walking towards the exit. “I am not a painter” Hibakusha admitted, “what?” Alisha replied confused. “I was the scientist that help Mr. Ahriman created the bomb”. Everything suddenly fell quiet, as Alisha looked at him with a blank face. She walked up to him and slapped Hibakusha across the face as hard as she could, “my mother died because of you” Alisha yelled while crying as Hibakusha fell to the ground stunned. Alisha then ran and climbed down the ladder still sobbing, “wait!” Hibakusha called back as he started feeling guilty and heartbroken. “Wait!” Hibakusha called again as he climbed down the ladders. “I’m sorry” Hibakusha shouted as he quickly ran down the stairs. “Get away from me!” Alisha shouted as she continued sprinting down the stairs.

Alisha ran into her room and slammed her door. “Wait, I’m sorry!” Hibakusha shouted as he continued banging his fist against the hard wooden door. “Leave me alone!” Alisha shouted still sobbing, “what’s going on” everyone said as they walked out of the room confused of all the noise. “Nothing, just go back to sleep” Hibakusha replied while walking to his room with his head down. Everybody walked back to their room yawning and confused except for Ruslan who just stand there.

After everybody have went into their room, Ruslan went into Alisha’s room. “Leave me alone, please” Alisha said quietly as she continued sobbing in her bed. “Alisha” Ruslan said, “wait, you just talked” Alisha said back surprised, getting up from the bed. “Listen Alisha, Hibakusha said that he was from the past, and he found a time machine in this facility, do you know what that means, we can go back and stop this from happening, we can save our mother, and I can save my Precious Sasha” Ruslan explained. Alisha looked at him, then turned around covering her face and wiping away her tears. “Give him another chance” Ruslan said to Alisha as she continued thinking. “fine” she finally answered, let’s just go to sleep. Ruslan nodded and headed out the door, while Alisha went back into her soft bed and said one word as she closed her eyes . . . . . .  Прощение.


Chapter 9

The Gameplan

Hibakusha woke up and rushed out the door, he burst through the orange doors and saw everybody sitting around a table planning. Alisha I’m so- “put this on” Alisha said cutting him off as she tossed a heavy armor jacket at him, “we are going to send you back in time and fix this mess that you started” Alisha said to Hibakusha. Alisha I’m s- “we can talk later” Alisha said cutting him off again. “Here is what we are going to do” Alisha said pulling Hibakusha to the table and showing him the plans. “We first are going to go to the reactor upstairs and recharge a battery pack. We then will head for the time machine and put the battery in and activate it, and finally, we will send you back in time and hope that you will change the future, but we got to do this fast, since if we activate the reactor, it’s going to send out a lot of energy, and the bots are attracted to energy”. Alisha explained, still a little bit irate. “ok” Hibakusha replied softly, “let’s do this Takashi said to everybody as they all looked at each other and smiled a bit.


Chapter 10

The Gameplay

The strong metal door opened, and out came five figures in armored coats. It was Hibakusha, Alisha, Ruslan, Haruki, and Takashi, all carrying guns, Ruslan also had a gigantic battle ax. “Ok, the battery should be in the supply room down the hall right” Alisha asked, “yep” Haruki responded. They quickly ran down the dirty, cracked hallway and made a right towards the supply room, they jumped over fallen vending machines and tables and opened heavy locked doors with the help of Ruslan of course. They entered the supply room and looked for a km-battery canister. They quickly found one with the help of Haruki and charged for the reactor room. “it’s to the right” Haruki said while pointing to a dark lifeless hallway, luckily, they had some flashlights. Ruslan burst through the double metal doors with his broad shoulders. They entered a big room with a gigantic machine. Haruki went up to and started rewiring the machine and doing all sorts of things, suddenly the machine turned on after Haruki press the turn on button. The machines started glowing and rotating, they stood there admiring it’s beautiful and shape.

The reactor suddenly sent an enormous energy shockwave pulse that knocked everybody down. “We better charge it up quickly” Takashi warned. Haruki quickly put the battery in and waited for it to charge, after two minutes, Haruki unplugged the big battery and handed it to Hibakusha we held onto it tightly “we have to go now” Alisha said as they ran out the double doors. They hallway lights flickered on and lighted the way down the hall. “Why didn’t you turn the reactor on before” Hibakusha asked, the floors and walls started rumbling and cracking “that’s why” Alisha answered as they continued running and dodging falling objects.

“what’s happening” Hibakusha asked with a shaking voice. “The robots are trying to break in!” Takashi answered back. Suddenly a hallway door behind then burst open, and out came some clean and sleek robots. “Where did those come from?!” Hibakusha asked while still sprinting for his life. “Those were the bots that never got activated and have been sitting there for the past years!” Haruki yelled over the loud rumbling, the robots then started up their guns and were ready to shoot until Ruslan slammed a door in the hallway, but one bullet went past the doors just barely and shot Takashi in the Thighs. “AHHH!” Takashi shouted in pain as he fell onto the ground bleeding.

“Takashi are you ok” Hibakusha asked, “no, I’m not okay, I got shot in the leg” “come here and hold onto me, we are going to bring you to safety” Hibakusha said back, Takashi looked back at the double doors that the robot was trying to break, and said “no, you go on without me” “what! Are you crazy, we are not going to just leave you behind” Alisha shouted back to Takashi? “You are now” Takashi said as he pulled out a grenade and ripped the pin off. “あなたを呪う” Hibakusha shouted as Ruslan pulled all of them away. They continued rushing down the shaking hall shedding tears, as they heard a big Explosion behind them.


Chapter 11


They made a sharp turn and continued heading for the basement until the ground cracked open revealing a large bottomless hole filled with small pipes and wires. Alisha tripped and fell just as Hibakusha grabbed onto her old small bag. Alisha continued dangling from the bag until the bag started ripping “I forgive you” Alisha said to Hibakusha smiling as she fell into the bottomless abyss. “NOOOOOOO!” Hibakusha shouted reaching his hand out as he started pouring out tears. Ruslan lifted Hibakusha onto his back and rushed down the hallway with Haruki following him. They then saw hundreds of rusty bots running towards them, some limping.

They turned down a hall and kept sprinting with the bots on their tails. “That door over their” Hibakusha said to Ruslan as Hibakusha continued crying and thinking about his past mistakes. Ruslan opened the door and slammed the door shut and locked it. He put Hibakusha down and grabbed a chair he found downstair and blocked the door with it, they all went down the stairs sad and scared and plugged the battery in. Haruki then pressed some buttons and switches and activated the machine, Hibakusha quickly got in as the bots started shredding the door.

Hibakusha pressed the red button which made the machine charge up and get ready to send Hibakusha back to 2050. Hibakusha looked at Ruslan and Haruki and said thank you. Ruslan looked at Hibakusha and saluted and quietly said “for Mother Russia and my beloved Sasha”. There and was a bright flash, Hibakusha could feel himself floating but couldn’t open his eyes. Everything fell quiet and still, the only thing he could hear and feel, was the beat of his heart, and the tears rolling down his cheek.


Chapter 12


Hibakusha slowly opened his eyes and looked around him. He stepped out of the machine and rushed up the stairs while stepping on his certificate paper. He climbed up the stairs and kicked the door open, he rushed down the empty clean hallway and bumped into Chad. “I thought you were leaving” Chad said to Hibakusha. “Listen to me very closely Chad, go into the data room and hack into the G.W.D. control system, then shut all G.D. bots down now, do you understand Chad” Hibakusha requested to Chad, “but why” Chad asked confused. “No time to explain, just do it” Hibakusha said to Chad as he rushed back down the hall. He continued running down the hall dodging and avoiding passing scientists and employees. He burst through the double metal doors and saw Mr. Ahriman building the rest of the bomb. Mr. Ahriman turned around and looked at Hibakusha. “I thought I fired you” Ahriman said to Hibakusha “you did” Hibakusha said back. “Listen, you have stop building this bomb, or else you are going to doom us all” Hibakusha shouted at Ahriman “get him bots” Ahriman ordered. The bots approached closer and closer to Hibakusha until they suddenly powered off. “My bots, what did you do to them” Ahriman said surprised. Hibakusha walked up to him and punched him right in the face, “shut this bomb off now” Hibakusha demanded. “Why should I listen to you” Ahriman said looking up to him, Hibakusha then smacked him in the face again “that’s why” Hibakusha snaped back. “Well then, get ready for a world of pain” Ahriman said as he revealed his robotic right arm, “what happened” Hibakusha said shocked. “An incident that happened when I was building something” Ahriman said to Hibakusha as he picked him up with his robotic arm. Ahriman slammed Hibakusha to the wall with his arm and pulled out a knife. “You either die a hero or live long as a villain” Ahriman said as he drew his knife closer to Hibakusha neck. Hibakusha kicked Ahriman in the balls and shoved him away. “But heroes die with honor and villains live with pain” Hibakusha said as he shoved Ahriman off the rail and into the hole where the big bomb was being build, but Ahriman grabbed on to Hibakusha shirt and pulled him down as well. Hibakusha fell put hanged onto the rail with Ahriman under him dangling from his leg. Hibakusha knew what he had to do, he let go and so did Ahriman. Hibakusha fell and closed his eyes until he felt a hand grabbing him, he opened his eyes and saw Ahriman falling to his death, he looked up and saw Chad holding him. “Thanks Chad” Hibakusha said feeling safer and happier.


Chapter 13


Hibakusha took over the company and banned all nuclear weapons, he also started a new company called the global peacekeeping Agency, or G.P.A. for short. He soon became a billionaire as he developed and sold new inventions that would benefit the world, he also invented a machine that stopped air pollution by turning CO2 into oxygen. (pause) Five years later. “Can I get a ticket to Russia” Hibakusha asked. Hibakusha was at the crowded airport planning to go to Russia and look around. He then heard a familiar voice and looked to his side. He saw Ruslan, Alisha, Haruki, and Takashi getting ready to leave the airport. “Cancel my ticket” Hibakusha said as he quickly walked to his friends. “Hi, are you guys new here” Hibakusha asked. “Oh hi, yes we are, this is Ruslan, Haruki, Takashi, and I am Alisha, we came to Japan for a job” Alisha said to Hibakusha. “Oh, I’m actually hiring” Hibakusha said to all of them. They continued talking and introducing themselves and became good friends. After years and years, many things happened, they all got hired by the G.P.A. and became one of the best at what they do, Ruslan officially moved to Japan with his family. After 24 dates, Hibakusha and Alisha got married. (pause) Hibakusha and Alisha walked out onto their balcony, they looked at the beautiful sunset together. They looked at each other and then at Alisha’s pregnant belly, they then looked at each other again, and kissed.


最後です (the end)


Author- Zhiye Liu

Narrator- Zhiye Liu

Assistant narrator- Zhiye Liu

Editor- Bob