Teacher Feature: Mr. Falcaro


Alana Lewis, Staff Writer

Mr. Falcaro teaches Math 7 and Algebra 2. He has taught at Saint Anthony’s High School and out east at Longwood Jr. High School. This year, he will be coaching JV Baseball and advising the National Honor Society at BHS.

Mr. Falcaro went to Wantagh High School, where he loved playing ping-pong in the student lounge area and participating in baseball and wrestling. At the age of twelve, Mr. Falcaro decided he wanted to be either a physical education teacher or a math teacher. After talking with his guidance counselor and realizing his knack for numbers, he decided that he wanted to teach math.

Mr. Falcaro finds that the most rewarding part of being a teacher is the unique opportunity to talk and connect with students and to be a role model figure for them when they ask for help or advice. Mr. Falcaro said that an authentic communication with the kids is very important to him. He explained, “My educational philosophy goes beyond teaching somebody how to find the answer for ‘x’. I want to be able to explain to you why finding ‘x’ is important and why that is important to you in terms of your growth as a person, your growth as a student.” He says that he understands that some students dislike math class, and he wants them to know that “I don’t remember you by your grades, I remember you by who you were, if you were respectful to others, if you worked hard, just by the person you were.” To keep all students engaged in his class, he tries to make things relate to them and to “let kids know they can use math to their other interests and advantages”.

Although he loves his job and would never give up teaching, if Mr. Falcaro was not a teacher, he would probably be an entrepreneur and small business owner, or another math-related occupation like an accountant. His hobbies include baseball (which he coaches and plays), taking care of his pet fish, sports, and staying active in general.