Kitchen Problems


Peter Amato, Staff Writer

A wife steps quickly into the appliance store, her husband dragging his feet along behind. Their eyes dart around the store looking for the kitchen section, and at one point accidentally make eye contact with an employee who gleefully smiles at them. Eventually they spot it and walk over to a row of both refrigerators and ovens.

“Right off the bat, this whirlpool fridge would fit our kitchen perfectly,” the husband said confidently.

The wife hesitated to comment at first but then wearily uttered, “I told you back at the house, a new oven is what we need.”

The husband tilted his head and furrowed his eyebrows. “The fridge keeps turning on and off on me, it’s like it can’t make up its mind.” he said staring.

The wife’s eyelids tensed up. “It’s not the fridges fault,” she stuttered. “The fridge is right next to the oven, and the wiring is tangled. You shouldn’t be so quick to put all the blame on the fridge.”

“The fridge won’t respond to anything I try doing with it.,” he replied. “It’s cold and nothing but a hassle.” The husband tried not to raise his voice.

“The oven gets heated way too easily and is causing all of our kitchen problems!” the wife exclaimed. Suddenly, an employee walked over. It was the smiling one from earlier.

“Is there a problem over here?” the employee asked.

The wife darted her eyes and crossed her arms. “We can’t figure our whether to get a new oven or a new fridge,” she said starting to glare over at her husband. “The oven is not cooperating.”

The husband immediately retaliated, “The fridge is the one that won’t work with me!” The worker looked puzzled at first, but after a few seconds, responded.

“Perhaps they are both broken.”

The couple stood still.

The worker decided to comment again, “If the wires keep getting intertwined, I suggest the two should be separated.”