Into the Limitless Sea


Jackson Maurino, Contributing Writer

As you set out for the roads

the sea has to offer.

Let the waves carry you over, not under.

Let the fish be not a threat nor a burden.

Steer clear of the wash and its spitting white terrors.

Bear this advice in which I convey to you,

and the rewards off shore will be evident.


Hope your road is filled with meanders,

and not so direct.

May the roars of the sea be ever in your favor.

May you view the most divine of skies,

like a color palette with infinite creations.


May there be the most magnificent of waves

that one could confront.

May your board lead you to construct masterpieces across the water.

May you encounter lovers, not haters.

Friends, not enemies.

See the wisest and the witless,

to see where you fall.


Keep the shore always in your mind,

it can be your ground in the most difficult of times.

But do not ride the waves to the coast.

Paddle back out to the limitless sea.

Paddle back out to waters calling your name.

When you return,

I hope to find you drenched with your findings in the endless pit of water.


And when the fog of the shore

comes rolling into sight,

you’ll have understood the maritime offerings.

For you’ll be surprised to find that water is not the most abundant matter in the nautical world.

You will have found the overflowing lessons

of the wine dark sea.