Teacher Feature: Mrs. Callahan, Assistant Principal 

Ali Maurino, Staff Writer

Are you that student who always wants to know more? Have you ever wondered if teachers think the same way? Mrs. Callahan, our new Vice Principal became a teacher because of her curiosity. Mrs. Callahan majored in science and dreamed of being a physical therapist. One summer job changed everything. She worked for a company that taught science to young children, “Then I got the bug- that this is a pretty cool way to learn to use my science knowledge in teaching little kids,” says Mrs. Callahan herself. Mrs. Callahan switched her major to teaching and her 20-year career shot off from there. In just her first year teaching she was teaching from 8th grade biology to 12th grade Marine Science, which is pretty impressive. As some of you may know, she was the director of science for 5 years, and she took part in judging the Babylon Memorial Grade School science fair, which she will unfortunately not be continuing to judge. Mrs. Callahan has advised many school events and clubs such as Junior High Student Council, Science Fair, as mentioned earlier, and was one of the two creators of the Babylon Science National Honor Society.

I asked Mrs. Callahan to share with me her favorite vacation she has taken. Her answer was a 10-day trip to China. She visited many schools there. “We had tour guides that helped us. They had a very different way of life there and the language barrier was pretty extreme,” Mrs. Callahan explained. If Mrs. Callahan could choose a job other than teaching, it would be something in the field of law or law enforcement. “Finding the truth or making sure justice prevails, that everyone is getting their fair shake at life,” Mrs. Callahan states.

Overall Mrs. Callahan has been putting joy into students’ lives for 20 years, I think I speak for everyone when I say she makes a perfect Vice Principal.