Teacher Feature: Ms. Jones

Ali Maurino, Staff Writer

Ms. Jones had wanted to be a teacher since primary school. She originally wrote on her 1st grade assignment that she wanted to be a teacher because you get summers off. “Now,” she says, “as I have grown and learned all the rewarding things that teaching has, I love being a teacher because I think it’s fun. I think science is fun.” She continued, “I like seeing you guys improve and making a difference in my students lives.” Needless to say, Ms. Jones’ priorities had changed.

Ms. Jones went to Suny Oneonta. She got her bachelor’s degree in 3 years in adolescent education and got her master’s degree in special education. Judging by how she got her bachelor’s degree in three years, Ms. Jones seems to be a very hard worker.

If Ms. Jones was not a teacher, she would do something related to sports such as physical therapy or a physical trainer.

If you are looking for any clubs to join, Ms. Jones advises the environmental club. The club is starting a recycling program this year and is going to set up a garden. Ms. Jones coaches junior high basketball and junior varsity softball.

Ms. Jones favorite lesson was when she had to teach homeostasis. She drew Homer Simson on a cup and called it “homerostasis.” “You had to do different things to simulate maintaining a homeostasis and a human body” Ms. Jones states.

 Ms. Jones knew what she wanted, and she went for it with no hesitation. Ms. Jones was born to be a science teacher.