Teacher Feature: Ms. Lee

Ali Maurino, Staff Writer

Don’t we all want a teacher who truly wants to make a difference? Ms. Lee puts the lesson out there that sometimes it’s important to find out what you don’t want to do to discover what you want to do. She originally found interest in physical therapy and interned at Bill Schwartz’s physical therapy. She soon realized it was too mundane for her.

Ms. Lee found interest in teaching while coaching young kids throughout high school. When she found her passion for teaching, she started off teaching grade school age students. After a young girl beat up a boy during story time, she immediately switched her major to adolescent education.

If you are contemplating becoming a teacher, Ms. Lee’s advice is “Do it for the right reasons. I think it’s a really great job if you genuinely love helping people.” Her advice makes sense especially considering that her favorite quote is “be a nice human.”

Ms. Lee idolizes two math teachers from Massapequa high school, Mrs. Flood and Mrs. Polly. “They made math fun; they were very understanding. They made you feel safe walking into a room,” she states. After having her as a coach, it is very clear that she has those same qualities.

Ms. Lee coaches sports such as junior high field hockey and Junior varsity lacrosse. She is also the junior class advisor for the class cabinet.

Mrs. Lee has been a teacher here at Babylon High School for 2 years and I believe she is a perfect fit for our school.