Teacher Feature: Ms. Treanor

Ali Maurino, Staff Writer

“Everything happens for a reason” she states. Just when you think you have it all figured out, life will throw some curve balls at you. In Ms. Treanor’s case this curve ball was life changing.

When she was growing up, Ms. Treanor was passionate about engineering, and went to college at Virginia Tech. While engineering was interesting to Ms. Treanor, others felt she should pursue a different path. Many people reminded her about her love of helping people, and she soon discovered what she was destined to do: teach. Ms. Treanor then began her journey and got her master’s degree in education at NYIT. She now teaches math courses and AP computer science.

When Ms. Treanor wants to read, she picks up her favorite book, Harry Potter. “I’ve read it ten times!”, she states. She enjoys this book so much because it lets her delve into her imagination and escape from logical thinking. Ms. Trainer emphasizes her love of learning and uses it to teach her very own class.