Chapter 2 – Enemy, Unknown


Stephen Fasciani, Staff Writer

As the group neared the village, Calcifur informed Violet of Victoria’s history. “The kingdom of Victoria’s royal palace used to be to the west, but after it burned down it was relocated to the east.” “Wait. Do you smell that?” Ronan asked. “It’s… smoke!” Violet exclaimed. They ran towards the smoke and arrived at the village, in ruin. “Help… me…” a voice called. They rushed toward the voice. They found a blind woman on the verge of death. “She’s bleeding out…,” said Ronan. “Thanks captain obvious!” Violet snapped back. “You…” the woman weakly whispered. “You can… save me…” she pointed at Violet. “Me!?” Violet was surprised, she barely remembered herself, how could she save this woman? “Your power… it slumbers… within you…” “…What?” Violet said bewildered. The book that held Calcifur had started to shake, then it flew in front of violet and had opened to a page which read “awakening”. Violet asked Calcifur, “What is this?” “If she’s right about you being able to save her, this should help you.” Calcifur replied. “Okay, here goes nothing…” Violet started to chant, “evigilarvero virtus mea, deturbant turrim, hic flos florens, non opus est ut paveas!” Violet ended the chant. “…Nothing, absolutely noth-” in the middle of her sentence, as if the laws of gravity had been nullified, violet shot up into the air and her eyes turned white, then she passed out and fell to the ground

When Violet woke up she was hidden in a bush with Ronan looking at something away from her. Violet looked in the direction that Ronan was looking and saw men in dark purple armor. “Why did we have to burn down an entire innocent village?” one man said to the other. “Queen’s orders. If we don’t obey, we die.” The other responded. “Yikes! Why do we have to do this? I mean, I did technically volunteer to be in the royal guard, but I didn’t sign up to kill innocents!” “Not all of them are dead, we still have work to do.” “What’s going on?” violet whispered as she adjusted her position. “AAAAAAA!” Ronan screamed in shock. “What was that?!” one of the guards asked. “Search, NOW!” “Crap!” Ronan whispered, “Run!” with haste, they made their escape. Through briar, bush, flowers, and trees, they ran until their legs felt numb. Eventually Violet collapsed. “Hey! Get up!” Ronan urged her. “No… too tired” “Calcifur, tell her to get up. Calcifur? OH CRAP, HE’S STILL IN THE BUSH!” Ronan started to panic, then he realized violet was gone.

Violet was running like hell was on her heels. Calcifur was basically a kid, how could she leave him to die? “Come on Vi! You can do it!” she said to herself. After a while she began to get fatigued, and started to black out, until she heard an explosion. “Calcifur! Wait… CALCIFUR?!” when she came to, Violet held Calcifur in her hands! Violet just kept running, and running, and running, until she heard Ronan talking to himself. “Why did I help her?! We committed crime together! That means I’m in deep sh-” “Hi” violet whispered in Ronan’s ear. “AAAAAAA! WHAT THE HELL?! THIS IS HOW WE GOT NOTICED IN THE FIRST PLACE!” Ronan did this for a while, all the way into dusk. Violet hushed Ronan, “Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh. We need to make camp for the night, do you have camping supplies?” “Well, yes, BUT IM NOT FINISHED YELLING AT YOU!” Violet took Ronan’s bag off him and started to make camp. “AND IF YOU’RE… not…, uh… how are you doing that? I thought you only remember basic functions.” “I used to go camping with my parents when I… was…” they were silent for a moment. “How in the world did you remember that?” Ronan asked “I’m honestly not sure. Maybe it’s a form of muscle memory? Anyways, we should finish up and make a fire.” After a while of setting up and talking they each went to sleep. “Dream, child. Dream of kind friends and a loving family, then watch it all burn to ash…”