Ode to What Will Be

Ode to What Will Be

Jake Brunet, Contributing Writer

this is an ode to what we shall see

not to the present

but what it will be

hopefully it’s pleasant

some people wish

some people hope

some people dream

but what people miss

is our present scope

Is what I mean

people look for flying cars

and ultra realistic TVs

but really the future that isn’t far

no one will be around to see

with a world aflame

waters filled with gunk

people hoping for a magical solution

but we should really be ashamed

with all the junk

a part of this world’s pollution

Looking so far for the time to come

But not to the past

hold dear to when you’re from

For it will not last

no one will know

what you have done

for it is lost to history

and you have nothing to show

known to none

a grain of salt lost upon time’s glory