Adventure Time Review

Adventure Time Review

Dylan Schweider, Staff Writer

In adventure time the show there is a very diverse world filled with a varied assortment of well-developed characters.   The first season isn’t that good but as the seasons progress, the characters do too. Some examples are Finn, Marceline and the Ice king.  There is also a lot of symbolism which conveys the theme of the show like the comet, Whose? missing arm, and the hall of egress. The villains are good, and the natural progression of the show is brilliant.  When watching the show to the fullest it feels like you are growing up as the show goes further or, well, grows up too.

Finn and the Ice king have one of the most interesting and relatable character developments. Finn represents the transition/trails of growing up.  In the beginning of the show, he was just a kid doing stupid stuff.  Then during the real-life problems discussed in the show like relationships, how they don’t always work, and that sometimes you can’t save everyone (his father). Using the lessons that he learned, Finn learned to accept the fact that the bridges were burned and just to accept the fact and move on, or that mistakes made are only them to be built upon. Especially in the hall of egress episode, then how Ice

The character dynamics in the show are good and each character work off each other like Finn and jake, and Marceline and the Ice king.  For Jake and Finn, Jake is always there for him even teaching him to let go, he was also there for him during the saga with Princess Bubblegum, where he helped him move on. Finn is the same by being there for Jake in all their adventures.

Overall, what I would say is that the show is an incredible, fun must-watch, because of the lessons and how Finn is such a relatable character in the story as well as how he influences the world around him. he has a sense of maturity and even though he does not get the girls in the stories, at least the relationships feel compelling and real they reflect how in relationships there are always ups and downs, and sometimes they just don’t work out, and that they come and go. The only way is to take a step forward.  That’s why I give this show a 10/10 because of the lessons, character development and the songs which complement the lessons well like the song “All Gummed Up “and “I’m Just Your Problem”. It’s satisfying as well as deserving to see Finn’s progress as a character and how much he matured because of the events he’d experienced.  I recommend watching the show, and I only scratched the surface of all the themes and internal conflicts that the show has to offer,

and with that this had been Dylan S. signing off.