Review for “A Silent Voice” is it good?

Review for A Silent Voice is it good?

Dylan schweider, writer

During my watch of the movie, I was not expecting much but I was blown away by everything that the movie had presented. The animation is spectacular, the story was good, it even made me cry a few times, and had a very realistic approach about how bad life could truly be sometimes, what being a true friend is like and how deep down there not alone no matter what happens, expresses the pain of regret and sadness, and that acceptances is better than anything.  The music was great, to listen to. The soundtrack also emphasizes some of the scenes thus giving them more life and meaning to what is being displayed.

This is going to be a spoiler warning in case you have not seen the film because it’s a better experience going in “blind.” and seeing it without context……and with that lets start the review.




The film does a really good job characterizing the effects that people can bring into and out of the world and the impact that people have on each other.  By in the beginning where they show that the main character had lots of friends and was happy until a new girl came to the school which her name is Shoko.  Shoko was different from everybody because she was deaf. The Film “A Silent Voice” has a very interesting take on how people automatically assume just because Shoko was different from everyone else. and that “what you do to others can either impact them for the worse or for the better.”  Ishida, and Shoko are very good examples of this theme in the movie.


The movie also shows a very good representation of what being deaf is like not only for the people who are deaf but also what people think of it. They make fun of the person who is deaf just because they do things like talking and communicating differently.  like how Ishida and his friends constantly harassed and bullied Shoko because she was deaf, throwing her notebook in the fountain, calling her names, downplaying her existence and even fighting with her to the point of her transferring schools.  It also brings to awareness what being a true friend really is as well of how far friends are willing to go for one another.


During the film Ishida gets “thrown under the bus” for all the bullying that he has done to Shoko. but through the bullying that Ishida has done to Shoko, she still forgave and accepted him for all he has done. His friends however made the whole situation worse and spread rumors about Ishida, thus making him depressed and unable to trust or make friends with people again, as well as the regret he had from all the pain he caused to Shoko unable to find closure with Shoko and himself.

The movie uses “blue x’s.”  to symbolize the friends that he is unable to make due to the rumors, and how he has trouble fitting in but also looking people in the eyes.  The x’s appear on everyone including his old friends but as he helps out a kid from a bully the “x” on the kid’s face disappears symbolizing friendship as well as making a true friend someone who he can trust.


The  themes in the movie are that even if bad stuff happens in your life, it’s important to notice them as well as to keep moving forward and not worth dying for, that people can make an impact on others, what it is like to be/ to feel alone by using “x’s” as symbolism, and that when you make friends that are true to you then and only then would you realize that you are not alone.


In the beginning Ishida was the one that was depressed while Shoko was happy and showed him happiness during the movie  and in the end when Shoko was the one very depressed and Ishida showing her happiness, which they both impacted each other, as well as Ishida’s friends during his comma which his friends were devastated including Tomohiro because Ishida showed him what a true friend is as well as Naoka wanting her friendship with isidia to go back to where it was before Shoko was in the school, and how the comma impacted Shoko.


Overall, the movie “A Silent Voice” is a great film with expressive animation and beautiful storytelling, as well as a great cast of characters which not only expresses the themes in the movie but also impact others in their life.  If you haven’t already seen the movie, then I suggest you see it because not only can you sympathize with the characters and the real-life problems, they face but also how the film can “tug at your heart strings.”


Although it has a use of mature themes and problems it handles them well, more or say handles their audience with maturity, patience as well negatives and positives of having a friendship.  I rate it a 10 out of 1o must watch if you want to see a compelling story and an experience like no other. As well as different perspectives on a real-world problem that goes on every day.



Hope you enjoyed the review and I hope you have a marvelous day watching this one-of-a-kind movie. With that this has been your host Dylan S signing off,