Lego monkie kid review so far (seasons 1-4) could it be?


Dylan schweider, staff writer.

“The Lego Monkie kid” is an animated series that is about the tale of the monkey king Song Wau Kong and his buddies and his past as well as the future generation of another monkey kid which was also born the same way as Wu Kong, his name is MK. a brief summary before I get to the bottom of this character is that he was just a noodle boy who worked for his “Boss” Pigsy.  to deliver noodles until he comes across Wu Kong’s staff, (I use quotations after that because that will come in later if you decide to fully watch seasons 1-4). Son Wu Kong and monkey king are the same character.


The animated show has very good animation that has bright colors and visuals for every landscape. The fights scenes are also beautifully animated for showing the characters expressive emotions and the sheer power that these characters might possess, having you lifting off your seat anticipating for what can happened next.  The characters are well composed, and they work well off each other. The show also takes a realistic approach to the theme “of friendships and how no matter what happened they can beat anything as long as they’re together.”  and another is “that as long as we are still standing then there is always hope.” signifying the theme of friendship.


The dynamics between characters are not only entertaining but are also very well done. some assortments of characters dynamics in the show being the six ear Macaque and Son Wu Kong,

Mk and Son Wu Kong,

MK, Pigsy and all his friends and finally MK and all the Villains.

Like how in the season 4 special the show further explores the past of the monkey king and Macaque but that one I’ll let you find out as you watch the series.

The character dynamic that seems to be the best and well developed in my opinion was Macaque and Monkey king and the character dynamic of MK and monkey king.  Since MK has this foretold destiny, the Monkey king is there to be like a mentor thus having this student and mentor relationship. In the beginning MK has no idea what he is doing and also “went on a whirl” with no planning, but not only did he learn new tricks from Monkey king but through his fights and challenges against these villain’s he also, learned valuable life lessons, like mistakes and by fixing some of the mistakes or decisions better than the way they found them, and that MK can fulfill not only his Destiney but that he can choose the way his Destiney goes despite the pain each villain puts him through both physically and mentally to the point of questioning his self-worth or if he is meant to be…. a….hero, and that if he didn’t pick up the Monkey kings’ staff then all of the suffering and destruction could have been avoided and how a Villain called Lady Bone Demon really got under MK’s skin by telling him his Destiney is the same as his mentors, and can be destined to make other people suffer too, but MK was able to change his own fate and make his own Destiney.  MK was also able to help Monkey king realize that he can’t fix everything and that since there is time left, he can be able to make new decisions better than the way these mistakes were found which helps Monkey be able to move on and as a result the bond between both MK and Monkey king grew stronger.  The fact that every choice has its own set of consequences makes that even harder to come to terms with their decisions.


The Villains were also good, and they are not one-dimensional characters, but they progress and grow throughout their respective season in a good way to see the errors of their ways and a bad way where they continue to cause harm for their ulterior motives.  Like Azure lion and Lady Bone Demon.  For Azure his Development to become a villain was very well executed and made for an interesting story on how he wanted to make the world a better place and what he was willing to do to see his vision on this “perfect world” come true even at the price of destroying their own world, having this righteous mindset he believed that using the power of the jade emperor  he can be able to make the world a better place but he did not realize that he was doing more  bad than good.  He manipulated Macaque into believing that all of the suffering was all Monkey king’s fault but really it was his. using the power that Azure had left he used that power to fix the chaos that he has done to the world leaving the world better than the way he found it, but he was consumed by that power and sacrificed himself to fix the world thus changing his ways for good.  although I did not like that, they “downplayed” his sacrifice because some stuff happened immediately where it did not let the audience have the time to be upset at his death and to Truley digest what was presented, and it also did not allow the characters to express their emotions for the sacrifice thus not being able to see how the sacrifice impacted the characters.  Lady Bone Demon was very manipulative and used people to fulfill her Destiney and to rid the world of all of the pain and suffering that people have caused.  She was not going to back down or to stop until that Destiney was set, but she became a villain that was a threat to them by outsmarting all of the hero’s and protagonist’s every move as well as telling them a certain piece of the Destiney they had to fulfill, and making the heroes not only scared but questioning if they can really save the world, if they can really do this.



This review is a long one because there is a lot to talk about regarding characters, themes, animation quality, and the steady progression between seasons 1 through 4 that I haven’t talked about yet and I was going to save that for you.  There were also themes that many people including me could relate to thus making the themes having more of an impact on the audience. There is more to the show “Lego Monkie Kid” than the character dynamics that I discussed and funnier and interesting Villains as well. overall, just have fun and watch the show because deep down it is a delight to watch.  I rate this show a 10/10 although some parts of the show don’t make sense like how all of them get powers in some sort of way it just a random plot armor type thing. The characters also have their own unique charm and design that gives them growth and personality. The character dynamics are one of the highlights of the series and can show how every character cannot be who they are without the other implying that all of them are important to the plot, each character doesn’t feel out of place which can make sense why a character is there and explains the action that a character is doing.  Although Season 4 is the best season so far, they are still making more possibly a season 5 which might be hard to make due to the incredibly high expectations that season 4 had placed, but for the time being seasons 1 through 4 are a must watch if you’re looking for a fun story with thrilling animation and action as well as lessons that the characters may learn and problems that characters might face to improve upon who they once were.





well, this has been a long review and with that this has been Dylan S signing off.