23rd Annual Post Office Cafe 5K and Fun Run


Photo Credit: Julia Vella

Sophia Sherman and Alexia Silverman

This year was the 23rd annual Post Office Cafe 5K (3.1 miles) and Fun Run. The race was organized by the Lessings to raise money for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. MS is a disease that attacks the nervous system and affects many of the body’s functions. On October 18th, 371 participants came together to run for a noble cause.

The race began at the library, then traveled to the marina and ended back at the library. A diverse group of runners participated. Children as young as 10 could be seen running the 5K. There were even some Babylon teachers running the race! Also, the Girls Varsity Cross Country team was participating, and they were easily identifiable due to the bright tutus they wore. The spectators added to the energy of the race; many people came down to cheer on the runners. There was great enthusiasm and everyone appeared to have lots of fun. The fastest time of the 5K was a stunning 16:34 by Boyd Carrington; that would be running 5:30 minute miles! Overall, everyone in the race did a great job and supported a worthy cause.

(Race information gathered from Finish Line Road Race Technicians /http://www.flrrt.com/results/post14.txt)