Aspiring Bards of the 7th Grade


Erin Corcoran, Contributing Writer

On January 16, 2015, Mrs. Schreiber’s and Mrs. Borruso’s 7th grade English classes went on a miniature field trip- to Argyle Lake. The students had started their poetry unit the day before, and were going to soon write poems of their own. For inspiration, the teachers brought the students to the lake for their nature themed poem.

The students took pictures of scenes that caught their eye. The teachers could not have picked a better day! Of course it was cold (it always is in the winter), but other than that it was a good day to take pictures. The sky was clear, all the ducks and swans were in the pond, and most of the dirty snow had melted away. The pictures that were taken looked amazing! The students took snapshots of the pond, the birds, and the fountain.

It was fun for the students to get to go outside after being cooped up inside for the whole day. Over the weekend they started creating their poems. The poems reflected the great pictures taken and our teachers were very proud of them. This method to writing poetry was a success and our teachers might do it again in the spring. Some of the poetry is displayed on Panther Tales- the student news site of Babylon Junior Senior-High School.

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