Girls Basketball Clinic


Photo Credit: Brooke Carey

Kristen Altieri, Contributing Writer

Each year, the Babylon Varsity girls’ basketball team, under the direction of Coach Chris Ryan, holds a clinic to teach girls in grades 2-6 skills and drills. It is a huge success every year. It is just as incredibly enjoyable for the veterans to share their knowledge with the younger generation as it is for the wide-eyed kids who attend. The girls truly love learning from the players they can look up to. Dynamic drills that focus in dribbling, passing, and shooting all take part in increasing the kids’ interest in basketball. It is humbling for the players to see the girls learn how to play, knowing not long ago, they were in these girls’ position, looking up to other players. It is a great way to nurture love for the game starting at a young age, simply by having players give back.

In addition to providing this community service, the event also raised nearly $1000 for Coaches vs. Cancer.