DECA: From Babylon to Rochester


Sophia Sherman, Contributing Writer

Do you want a chance to find out what working in the business field feels like? If so,then join DECA. DECA is a business club that is recognized nationwide. When you join the club, you take a business related test in a certain category in January, and if you get a good score you can qualify for the state level competition. Babylon DECA took forty one students to the statewide competition in Rochester in early March for three days to compete. After a long bus ride, you arrive at the hotel, but you have to be reading for tomorrow’s opening ceremonies. Since DECA is a formal business club, you need to show up to all formal events wearing business attire. However, the second day is when things get busy.

Each student took an online test before going up to Rochester, but at the conference you  may compete in different ways. Some students did a role play with a judge, while others may have presented a different form of medium such as art. The scores from the test and what you competed in at  Rochester were compiled to give the final score in your category. At the awards ceremony on the last day of the conference, they announced the top ten test scores, top ten role-play or other medium scores, and the overall top ten in each category. Twelve students from Babylon received this special recognition! While DECA is a formal and competitive business club, don’t think there was no room for fun.

After long days of competing, at night there was always something fun planned. The first night, there was the pizza social. All DECA members had the chance to meet others people from different schools across New York. And of course, there was pizza. The second night was the infamous DECA dance. This was the time to really have some fun.Two hours of dancing with a DJ, and it surely was a night to brag to your friends about. Being part of DECA provided so many new experiences, allowed students to meet new people, and observe the etiquette of the business world. This helped members gain confidence and experience that will help them as they get older and seek employment or grow their repertoire of skills. Being a part of DECA can assure you that you will learn things and hone skills that are not taught in regular classes at school, and it is definitely worth it.