Meghan Reilly , Contributing Writer

I wonder about something great.

Everybody will join holding hands as if nothing has changed.

Nobody will give up once things get too hard.

So much potential in this world.


I have these thoughts so often.

I should focus on what’s real.

But how can you not notice all this pain?

So much pain in this world.


The ringing won’t stop.

All the yelling isn’t good for the children,

You hear your neighbor yell.

So much noise in this world.


But now I just sit in silence.

Trying to hide it.

But how can you run away from yourself?

So much hiding in this world.


Sometimes silent is violent.

I try to keep it inside.

The ringing has stopped.

So much violence in this world.


There’s so much hope in this world.

We just often forget to keep hope alive.

We need it to survive.

Together we can change the world.