Freshman Seminar at the Mets!


Madelyn Key, Contributing Writer

On April 23, 2015, the freshman seminar students went to a Mets game.  The day of the game there were cold winds, long walks up and down the stairs, and fun.

The day started with a long bus ride to Citi Field with 9th grade boys singing Sponge-Bob, Bruno Mars, Sam Smith, Ariana Grande, and Fast Food songs.  After finally arriving at the stadium it was a good 15-20 minute wait in line to be checked in.  Then there was a guy talking that I’m pretty sure nobody was listening to and probably nobody knows his name.  After that we walked up a good 8 flights of stairs to get up to the coldest part of the whole stadium, the very TOP.  We used our food vouchers for lunch, or went to Shake Shack, and then the teachers asked some kids to come to the actual college fair.

Unfortunately once there, more than ½ of the college representatives were gone. In other words the students didn’t get to see what they really came to Citi Field for, which made me sad since that was the only reason why I went there in the first place.  Afterwards I spent time with my friends eating pretzels, cotton candy, Cracker Jack’s, and hot dogs with fries.  I started to actually have fun to my own surprise.  I was thinking that not being able to see what I really came there that it would be a DRAG.

No, it was a fun day filled with bloopers of players falling, no home runs, couple trick plays, and refs taking back their calls when it was obvious that the man was out.  It was a good day for people to learn about baseball and to learn that even for a day you can put aside your differences with whoever and watch Americas favorite pastime.

Then it was getting back on the bus and sitting there for about 45 minutes to an hour and having to listen to the guys sing all the same songs, and do a couple rap battles.  We finally got home where everybody just stood around and stretched out while they waited for their parents to come and pick them up.  The day ended with faces filled with joy and happiness.  Even though not everybody got what they really came there for, the college fair, they still had fun.