Awareness Weekend 2015- #bhsafterhours


Lauren Ryan, Contributing Writer

On November 20, BHS hosted its first ever Awareness Weekend. The main goal of the night was to create a non-judgmental environment and to encourage students to meet and socialize with fellow students in the school they normally wouldn’t talk to, using different team bonding activities led by BHS seniors.

The night started with various character building activities in small groups picked at random. Then all the students came together in the cafeteria and gym for other group activities and fun games. The night finished with a sleepover at the school, and everyone returned home the following morning. Close to 90 students stayed the night, including the 48 senior volunteers. Not only did we have 90 students sleeping in BHS, there were also plenty of teacher volunteers that either helped for a few hours, or stayed over as well.
The Student Council would like to thank Mrs. Fama, Mrs. Carey, Mr. Michele, Mr. Birnbaum, Mr. Fasano, Ms. Brush, Mr. Collins, Mrs. Wubbenhorst, Ms. Schipf, Ms. Chase, Ms. Roberto, Mrs. Shanahan, Mrs.Scholl, Mr. Ryan, and Mr. Cirone for chaperoning what will hopefully become an annual event.