Facts about Myself


K'sean Reid, Contributor

I hate Italian food, homework, standardized test the school rules on headphones and my middle name.


But I do like the unexpected things – you know… spoken word poetry, jazz,music, and chess

the secrets you keep concealed from your jock friends

but with this it’s my leap of faith.. like a baby’s first steps or a baby bird’s first flight

only difference is I hope my revelations resonate with only half the meaning.


I love Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle,

the way I over think and am over analytical …you’d expect me to be their distant relative.


I live with my mom and my younger brother.

To me marriage doesn’t exist. No such thing as a white picket fence if there’s any at all.

The fences most common to me are the ones that welcome you in but hold you hostage from leaving.

But a fence is just that- a fence.


I love to dream.

I dream of the day I complain my dad wouldn’t be a headache or in my life at all.

But for now it just aches  my head why he’s better at disappearing than Harry Houdini ever was.

I dream the day that my distant relatives help me answer the age old question “Why?”


I am left handed and African American or my common name Black.

Somewhere along the line you began to realize that I am the oddball, especially here.