Fun for All at Safe Halloween


Anna Schipf, Contributing Writer

On Friday October, 28th, the Senior High Student Council hosted its annual Safe Halloween at the high school. Several clubs participated by decorating doors with cute Halloween decorations and handing out candy to our young visitors.  Student Council members decorated the hallways, the courtyard and the cafeteria. From three thirty to five o’clock, children along with their parents, were welcomed to enjoy the fun.  Visitors dressed up in their costumes and went door to door going “trick or treating,”  heard silly or spooky Halloween stories in the library, and then spent time in the cafeteria, where they did crafts and played games and even painted pumpkins. All in all this afternoon was very successful and fun, allowing a safe alternative for children to go “trick or treating”.img_0352 img_0353 img_0355 img_0363 img_0365 img_0370 img_0373 img_0374 img_0376 img_0377 img_0378 img_0381 img_0387 img_0391 img_0392 img_0393 img_0394 img_0398 img_0407 img_0408 img_0419 img_0421 img_0425 img_0426 img_0428safe-halloween-library