Everything in Life Happens for a Reason


Amanda Gilmore, Contributing Writer

Remember that time you received a test back that you thought you did well on but it turned out to be a 50? I bet you thought to yourself what did I do to deserve this or why does everything bad happen to me. I too used to also think these thoughts when things didn’t go as I planned, not anymore. I believe that everyone was born to share something positive with the world. I believe for every bad moment in your life, another good one is soon to come. I believe that God is helping you to become a better person by giving you the strength to move past these hard times and on to brighter ones. I believe that everything in life happens for a reason.

When I was born, I was diagnosed with a condition called club foot. It essentially meant that the tissues connecting the tendons to the bones in my foot were shorter than normal causing my foot to be turned in or look like a “club”. I had about three unsuccessful surgeries before my fourth surgery when I was six years old. The final surgery in New York City changed my life forever. I was finally able to walk normally. My mom and dad spent every night with me in the hospital. They slept on couches and chairs just so I wouldn’t feel alone. My aunt and uncle gladly offered to watch my brother and sister for as long as they needed to. My entire family supported me through every step of the way and for this, I am forever grateful.  I believe that this happened for a reason. Although I was extremely young during the time of my surgeries, at a young age I learned the importance of family and that without their love and support, I would be nothing. I believe that God’s intention was to teach me the significance of family.

October 22nd  to November 2nd 2012 was a time I will never forget. I’ve experienced tropical storms before, but nothing like superstorm Sandy, keeping in mind I was only 10 years old at the time. Hurricane Sandy hit Long Island extremely hard.  Numerous businesses and homes were destroyed by flooding and fires, people were left with nothing. I consider myself to be extremely lucky that the only damage I received was two full weeks without power. This storm happened before I lived in my home near the water. People all throughout New York raised money for destroyed homes, donated warm blankets and held food drives. They comforted and reassured victims of Hurricane Sandy that everything would be okay and they did as much as they could possibly do to help people in need. Although devastating to thousands, I believe that this storm happened for many reasons. I believe that it brought out the best in many people and showed their true character when it was needed most. It also brought people closer together in times of need. I believe that God was showing me how lucky I am and that I should be grateful to be living in such a great community, with kind people who are willing to help others in any way possible.

Last year, eighth grade, was definitely not my best academic year. I got average grades and thought studying wasn’t necessary. I figured because I hadn’t studied a lot in seventh grade and made principal’s list, I would be on principal’s list again without studying. I was wrong. I hadn’t made principal’s list and my grades dropped. I believe that this happens for a reason, this taught me the importance of studying and hard work not only in school, but at home as well. Not making principal’s list only motivated me to strive even harder for success freshman year and now i’m happy with my grades.

Today I am a much different person than I was four years ago. I now know the importance of family, friends, hard work, and a good community to live in and I am privileged to have all of these. I believe that there will be many more hardships I will be faced with and need to overcome in the future. But, if I think to myself during these rough times, everything happens for a reason, it will encourage me to keep trying and learn from these experiences.

This I believe, everything happens for a reason.