The Great Unknown


Kate Hannon, Staff Writer

                  Have you ever talked about the universe?

About how we




Or about how tiny, how very very tiny humans are

When compared to The Great Unknown.


You probably have.

And at some point

Because you were bored/tired of the subject/feeling overwhelmed

You’ve probably said/thought/dreamt

That Earth, and our solar system, and all the galaxies

Could be nothing more than a snow globe/science project/old shoebox

In the room/lair/basement

Of some crazy/evil/superior being.


Or at least, I have.


And yes,

I understand what people mean when they say this.

I understand that they are being sarcastic, or saying

“Hey, we’ll never know.”

But at the same time,

I reject

So strongly

The natural next question;

“So does all of this even matter?”


Because yes

It matters.

You matter.


Waking up at six in the morning to get to school

To get an education

To make a difference

That matters.


Going to the gym everyday

To stay healthy

So you can live-


An extra ten years in the grand schemes of things?

Mathematically it could be written off as a negligible error.

A small miscalculation.

But still

It matters.


And loving people?

Being kind?

That matters more than anything

No ifs


                      or buts.


These miniscule, inconsequential things we do everyday

They matter


They change the world

In a million different miniscule, inconsequential ways.


And those million miniscule, inconsequential things we do,

Help people

Or hurt people

Or sometimes


They do both.


So join me

Change the world for better

With me.

Because even if we are living in a

Snow globe/science project/old showbox in the

Room/lair/basement of a

Crazy/evil/superior being,

This is our home.

And it is our privilege and our duty to improve it.