Argyle Theater: The Producers Review

Argyle Theater: The Producers Review

Anthony DeLapi, Staff Writer

The Argyle Theater ends strong with their 2018-2019 season, with a laugh-out loud musical, that is a great way to end the season. Based on the ideas and visions of legendary comedian Mel Brooks, The Producers is probably one of the most funny, interesting, and controversial musicals to ever exist. The story is about a Theatrical producer named Max Bialystock, who is struggling to keep up with the times, and being once the King of Broadway. When he meets his new accountant, Leo Bloom, he makes a scheme to make millions off a play that would be horrible. Through scandals, bribery, and secret agreements, Max and Leo work to make the worst play on Broadway in order to make bank. There are a lot of things great about this show, but two that stand out are the comedy and the controversial plots. Mel Brooks is known for having a very dirty, but funny comedic attitude, and it is shown perfectly in this show. Another thing is the controversial plots that rise up in Mel Brook’s stories. One thing that always stay with Brooks’s work, is that not one group is made fun of, but all groups are made fun of in many different ways and styles. This allows it to be hilarious without going out on one group, and that’s because Brook’s makes sure to make fun of everybody. From drunken producers, to miserable accountants, to over-the-top women, the elderly, Nazis, and even gay people, Mel Brooks didn’t hold back to make fun of all these types of people. This approach gives it a more fair and balanced way of dirty comedy.

All of the actors do a great job, and the jokes are told great. Jason Simon (Max) and Richard Lafleur (Leo) do a great job as the producers duo, and bring a lot of fun to the show. The music is done great, and the ensemble is lively and active during the whole show. The sets look great, and Springtime for Hitler is probably one of the most craziest things to ever be brought on Broadway. The fact that Brooks was able to bring Nazis’, Swastikas, Hitler himself, and (as they say in the show “gay it up a bit”), makes this one of the most insane part of the show to be shown to regular people. You feel a littler awkward at first, but then start to laugh when you realize what they’re doing, and how funny it actually is.

It’s always great to go see a Theatrical Production like this in our home town of Babylon. It brings culture and events that a small town like this could benefit from. I would highly recommend seeing this show while it’s still out. More information is on the Argyle Theater’s website.

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