A Split Personality

A Split Personality

Sarah Logan, Staff Writer

The Dead House by Dawn Kurtagich jolts your imagination and makes you shake in your seat. This frightening psychological thriller is one sure to allow no sleep at night.

The Dead House follows a young girl by the name of Carly Johnson and her alternate personality, Kaitlyn Johnson. Carly gets the day while Kaitlyn gets the night. They must work together to work out life’s daily mishaps, all while keeping a high social standard. All things work out perfectly fine until Carly goes missing.

The Dead House was a perfect read for me during the Halloween season. Not only that, a quick read that keeps your mind invested. This book has an extremely unique format. Diary entries, letters and important psychiatric ward documents fill the pages. All in all this book was very special because of its distinct format.

Although, this book did have its faults. One thing I didn’t personally like about this story was how the multitude of characters caused some confusion. There are many characters, including Carly, Kaitlyn and their friends. The POV’s are frequently switched and mutated at the drop of a hat.

Other than that, the story was a complete win for me. As stated before, the format was so unique and awesome. Getting to live inside of a brain plagued with mental illness is something you cannot do on a daily basis.